Sunday, June 07, 2015

Hawaii 2015: Day 7

Our original plan was to go back to Ray's Cafe one last time before heading to the airport for our 1:20pm flight.  Unfortunately, this was not meant to be.  We weren't able to find parking and when we finally did, there was a long line.  Since we still needed to get gas and return the rental car, we decided not to chance not making our flight on time.  Nick found a great place called Scratch Kitchen and Bake Shop right in the middle of O'ahu's Chinatown.  There is nothing remotely Chinese about Scratch.  Catering to the younger foodie crowd, it is a very trendy place that serves delicious Southern inspired food.  With an open kitchen and reasonably priced menu, Scratch is a pretty cool place to visit if you're into young, hip restaurants.

I'm clearly on a French toast kick.  They only make 12 servings of their pound cake French toast a day.  Of course, I wanted it.  We got an order to share, but I ate most of it. 

My Mom and I both got the chorizo and egg biscuit sandwich.
My Dad got the Calentado, which was garlic rice with braised short ribs and a sunny side up egg. 

Nick and Christopher got the Creole shrimp and grits that came with two sunny side up eggs.

House made serrano chili sauce. 
To wrap things up and be thorough, I had to include the meal that we were given on the plane.  Most of the time I can get plane food in, but I just couldn't get myself to eat the meatballs or soggy snap peas so I ate the rice.  I had one meatball and it really wasn't good.  I think I would have preferred an extra bag of peanuts instead.

It was a successful family vacation without any snafoos, but I was so happy to get home to this smiling face and my own bed.  

Pregnant lady travel kankles for your viewing pleasure.
Until our next traveling adventure, that's all folks!


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