Sunday, August 05, 2007

Emmy's furcut

Since it's been so hot here I was finally convinced to have Emmy's fur cut. She almost doesn't look like herself without all of her fluff.

On the way to Petsmart I got rear ended. The girl's license plate holder punched two holes in my back bumper.

I was lucky enough to take a couple of pictures in the car (that's why they're not in focus. I just did a point and hope that she's in the frame thing). As soon as we got home Emmy got hopped out of the car and it only took one good shake for the cute little pink ribbons that the groomer put in her fur to fly out.

The groomer said that she was the best doggy that she took care of today so I got Emmy a little treat. She had shown some interest when Auntie Julie bought cousin Ruby an enormous bone so I got her a little one to start out with. If she likes it then maybe she can graduate to the bigger one. So far, she doesn't seem to like it, but it sure is cute when she has it in her mouth.

I'm simply an angel.

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