Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New car

My parents are finally getting a new car! After much heming and hahing they finally decided to go with the Honda Pilot. I believe that they want the cherry red color, but if the retailer doesn't have it in stock, they'll go with a gray. When my dad gets home tonight they will go pick it up. The big blue van finally went ca-put, or so we thought. My mom thinks she left an interior light on. So my dad managed to get about $140 for it towards the Pilot. I'm surprised he was able to even get that much. It's out with the old and in with the new for the new year.

It must be car buying season because Edward said that they're probably going to get Mrs. Levie a new Volvo V70 today too. They're off to go look at the Honda Odyssey, but he's pretty sure that they will stick with Volvo. They're pretty loyal to the company.

Monday, December 22, 2008

ice storm

Right before we left, literally the day we were flying out, we had an ice storm. My friend Nadeem and I went out to take pictures. If you have access to my facebook page these are also up there. Facebook makes it so much easier to post pictures than blogger does, hence the delayed posting of picture. I just realized that our internet in our house is much faster than in Troy so it doesn't take as long to post pictures.

Christmas presents

This Saturday I stayed home to help my mom make Christmas gifts to give out to our neighbors. After doing all of her Christmas shopping she realized that she had forgotten to get stuff for them. I had the idea to make chocolate covered pretzels from Robin Miller's daytime cooking show. I can't remember what it is called at the moment. It's the one where she makes a weeks worth of food. Quick Fixes or something like that. Anyway, so I saw her making the pretzels and they looked really easy and pretty. Then Christopher and I went out to dinner and the mall with Auntie Mary and Dante. When we were in Sweet Factory I saw chocolate pretzels! I didn't look to see how much they were, but I was like "I can make these for much cheaper, I'm sure."

I also had seen in a Woman's Day magazine some easy to make chocolate covered marshmallows with peppermint. We added that to the little treat bag too. I put three marshmallows per skewer. I think they turned out pretty well. All in all it was a very fun project, but it took me almost 4.5 hours to do 11 packets.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's been a while 2

Ah, it's relaxation time! School is finally over and I'm home! This also means that I have more time to blog and read blogs, which hasn't happened in the last few months. The semester was rough for us. With Edward's Uncle Walter passing, his mommy's diagnosis, work, school, getting sick, advanced projects and foreign students who don't know what plagiarism means, it's been our roughest yet. Hallelujah, it's all over. We've made some great friends from Edward's program and they helped us get through. I started making Sunday feasts for us so that we can all sit around and have a nice meal before cramming in reading and homework. Of course, I would be trying to read two to three full length plays by Monday evening. That didn't work out so well. But being the way I am, I was able to participate and get my opinion out there. Hopefully he'll give me a good grade. If he doesn't, well there's always the summer class, which is a writing course. I'm supposed to graduate in May, but I'd love take the class. By the by, I've finished my advanced project if anyone would care to read it. I worked pretty hard on it, but it definitely can use a lot more work.

I love my job and the people who work there. I'm a little sad that I'm not going to be in the office until mid January. Being in the office is the best part of working with Celery. When I'm sitting at my desk at home it's not the same. We skype one another so that it's like we're sitting in the office together, but it's still not the same. I miss my Celery folk already.

I suppose a lot has been going on with us, but I think it's too much for me to lay down all at one time. It's mostly been school, hockey, friends, parties, work and more school. Our Thanksgiving turned out great and now I think I'm ready to take on Christmas with the Chew side of the family. We'll see how that goes.

Well, kids. I think that's about it for now. I should be able to blog much more, though I really don't know if I'll have that much to say since I sit in my room working all day. ...me not having anything to say. Now that's something to laugh at. TTFN or as my mommy would say "(ta ta for now)".