Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Emmy Picture Post

Because my parents are on a vacation and haven't seen their grand dog-ter since they left, I decided to do another picture post so that my Mom can logon and see.

 photo 630D06F3-B90A-46D1-ACBB-65F01D3FCB46-16918-00000F7B61E357AA_zps17d1bbbd.jpg
How is this comfortable?!

 photo DE807D53-DE28-4996-A376-130179F48C49-16918-00000F7B5DDAB4E8_zpsa6e4f36e.jpg

 photo D9BF0EE4-2857-4119-BB12-A0DE5F12B73E-16918-00000F7B40ED6418_zps75f3b5c2.jpg

 photo 656228D7-5C65-4AFA-AC83-3D2184A7914E-16918-00000F7B3EB14C57_zps4a3b35ec.jpg
Sunday morning cuddling with Daddy.

 photo 898CFA66-CA19-4AEA-873E-727566EAAA9D-16918-00000F7B26DC5ADB_zpsb9413dae.jpg
She got a new raccoon toy from our neighbor who moved
out.  I left the toy on the table to show Nick, but when I
got home from work it was off the table.  She had taken it
off and started playing with it, cardboard and all!

 photo EF5DBA06-73F9-4704-90E9-0595D78D122D-16918-00000F7B0BDD8FB2_zps54a5e9a7.jpg
Rain boot, fox, frisbee, squirrel, raccoon, and pink Ugg
battle field...and she looks so innocent.

 photo 705686C2-BF2D-41F8-B27A-0F7932A4B44E-16918-00000F7B08E5C6A8_zpsc0d9461c.jpg

 photo 7237736C-1628-4D72-812B-DE91A40AD54C-16918-00000F7B06C28011_zpsf8344acc.jpg

 photo 24274FA2-F3A5-4CE6-929A-51CC72B4465B-16918-00000F7B03B11B2A_zps9f49ce7a.jpg

 photo 719254DF-215B-4207-9FD4-FF38082E1372-16918-00000F7AFA9C153F_zpsa97c3d61.jpg

 photo 3E366891-9684-4B5B-ABFD-D4301D013402-16918-00000F7AF7D3F88E_zps3bff55da.jpg

 photo DB1C2810-63B8-403B-9609-ACA9F7917D76-16918-00000F7AF5AACD1B_zps3a2b1881.jpg
After I did my half marathon over the weekend I went back
to sleep for three hours in the middle of the day.  Emmy
probably thought that I was sick.  Little did she know that
when I woke up I was planning on giving her a bath.  She
was ambushed.  This is her rolling around post bath.

 photo 7ED0BAAF-E865-4A1F-AAD7-0D22ACE833DB-16918-00000F7AF3529450_zps4719281d.jpg
I can imagine her saying, "ughhh I have water in my ears."

 photo 35926677-214C-4EDA-8F89-D94186FCA4E2-16918-00000F7AEDA8B914_zpsee160005.jpg
Clean and brushed out.

 photo 1ACA6BE7-78A5-4451-90D7-22413AA3051D-16918-00000F7AEABC63DE_zps558367a2.jpg

 photo AF2D3FB6-3C79-44A8-A5E9-7CD4408EA967-16918-00000F7AE7E78D38_zps7a89dc49.jpg

 photo 5B4CE00C-1E23-4672-813C-A1BAA6CBB9B1-16918-00000F7ADA4C50D6_zpsa3e83693.jpg
Nick made her a little nest of pillows.

Tonight's Dinner: May 17, 2013

For dinner tonight Nick and I decided to do Chinese takeout.  We were planning on going to a friend of Christopher's house to celebrate his 21st birthday at midnight.  Most of the time on Friday's I don't cook anyway and today wasn't any different.  We definitely enjoy having a Chinese place in walking distance.  We walked Emmy down the street to pick up our food and comforted ourselves that at least we were burning some calories.

 photo 74C09D9E-58E4-47A5-A035-71C34C792007-16918-00000F7B6C19FE15_zpsdcc49cd2.jpg
Salt and Pepper Pork

 photo 1E23BE62-722B-4C61-939A-5DEA34E8D433-16918-00000F7B68EC55BA_zps39eefa87.jpg
Shrimp Chow Mein

 photo 6DA42DB1-1C6E-4772-A15B-EAEAB9914134-16918-00000F7B64EF2858_zpsfbb60b15.jpg
Combination Hong Kong Style noodles

Jojoba Oil

As many of you know, and are probably utterly disgusted, I get awful flaky scalp during allergy season.   My lips also suffer in that they peel, itch, and crack.  This is why we are getting married in October and not having many flowers at the ceremony.  Less chance of getting the sneezies, itchies, or hacking coughs.  I'll have enough to worry about.  Allergies shouldn't be one of them.  Hey, I think I just came up with a new storyboard for Claratin.  I want proceeds!  Taking Claratin actually does help the scalp and lip itch.

Anyway, since chemical shampoos, all natural shampoos, expensive scalp dandruff treatments, and conditioners haven't helped me, I decided to try the oil route.  One of the makeup gals that I watch is very into using oils for her skin and hair.  I've somewhat subscribed to this way of thinking.  I've been using raw coconut oil on my face at night.  It seems to absorb into my skin much better than normal night creams.  Though it doesn't seem to have any wrinkle reducing properties, my skin has been feeling really good.

So I've been trying hot oil treatments on my hair with coconut oil.  My hair has been super healthy and growing much, much faster than in the past.  I actually think that the growth is from all of the green juice I've been drinking, but the oil does keep it hydrated.  Pink So Foxy also recommended Jojoba oil for the scalp if you have dandruff, mild psoriasis, or eczema.  I have been using the Jojoba oil on a Q-Tip after I wash my hair so it doesn't get my hair oily.  It actually works pretty well.  I way fewer flakes, but my scalp does still itch quite a bit.  One step in the right direction.  I've been doing hot oil treatments with Jojoba rubbed into my scalp and coconut on my hair.  So far it's been going fairly well. I have noticed that after a while treatments start to not work as well after my scalp gets used to it.  It is an on going battle for sure.

 photo 30F79FE0-9183-4F34-A55F-7FFC63D542D7-16918-00000F7B6F30E3C2_zps1f29bf58.jpg

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: May 15, 2013

After a very, very long day, Nick and I still had to go out to Ikea to look for center pieces.  By this time, I was extremely beat from having a four hour marketing meeting and having people over two nights in a row.  We still needed to get our stuff done.  We were able to get almost all of our center piece parts.  They didn't have as many candle stick holders as we need so we will have to go back.  At least we have somewhere good to eat.  Our basket looked ridiculous with hundreds of candles, candle sticks, and votives.  By the time we were done, we were both starving and even more tired.  Good thing Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe is right around the corner!

We don't often get out to Rudy's as it's a little bit of a drive for us, but since we were in the neighborhood it was a no brainer.  With the way that we eat, you wouldn't think that we are getting ready for a wedding.  Most people are dieting around this time.  I guess Nick and I stress eat.  

 photo AC5EEF8F-274C-49EE-90E9-A6220381341D-16918-00000F7B80C1CDCC_zps3196afe8.jpg
Buffalo tofu

 photo 873CC0C3-B4DA-49CF-B5F7-F896B7ECA729-16918-00000F7B7D972FDB_zps31a4ddb8.jpg
Nick's Cajun fish burger.

 photo AE86FCCC-F25D-4D48-9BE3-2F3A6E7EFBED-16918-00000F7B7A5D2B24_zps5bd7af00.jpg
I got a pulled pork burrito.  I just love my burritos!

 photo 70AB8CED-1188-4EC9-B60A-1B62E8258FAC-16918-00000F7B7741B611_zps0d819eef.jpg

 photo 3071005F-80AE-4D0C-B762-07CC0A8EF999-16918-00000F7B7444A972_zps4e1fc430.jpg
Nick indulged and got a chocolate cake with ice cream. 
 photo 745FBA19-D18C-4469-AA8C-94105AC60C24-16918-00000F7B72300DBF_zps88227213.jpg
My cousin has a cool little tray like this for her hand pump
soaps.  I think she said that she got hers from Pottery Barn.
This is actually a candle tray, but for $2, I'll take it.  Not as
sleek as my cousin's, but it catches the water and does the

Today's Lunch: May 15, 2013

I very much appreciate the fact that Webfortis gives us Admin lunches monthly.  Usually, we go out to eat, but we were all bogged with a ton of work so we did takeout instead.  We decided to try Boudin's lunches.  I got an individual pizza.  While delicious, it wasn't very filling.  I probably should have gotten a sandwich.

 photo 4FF3DF70-E795-4B4F-B03B-A393CD1E4487-16918-00000F7B846C5946_zpsb24204ed.jpg

Tonight's Dinner: May 14, 2013

Game of Trones night!  We had a couple of my coworkers over for dinner and to watch Game of Thrones.  I'm not that into the show, but I enjoy having their company and talking with their significant others.  We always try to make it somewhat GOT themed, so we made a couple of roasted chickens.  I wanted to grill giant turkey legs, but Sprouts didn't have six in stock.  Roasted chicken it was.  It was quite delicious, but because they were quite large, we had to sear off the dark meat to fully cook it. It was a weeknight after all, so we couldn't push back dinner until 10pm. Yikes!  We started it early too!

 photo 67C492AC-8317-4BAD-B126-A7017389B5A3-16918-00000F7B91F6C42A_zpse2daa48f.jpg

 photo E89090C1-7C3B-4F7D-BD35-02D5F5EEC4BB-16918-00000F7B8EFA0CEA_zps5d77d460.jpg
Sauteed spinach

 photo 6F41CB00-ECF8-4AFB-B6C1-56AF3ED3CCA7-16918-00000F7B8C1C02F3_zpsb2acd978.jpg

 photo 5E536F89-53F7-4811-9D66-96ABC9F12504-16918-00000F7B88BB4F0A_zps414b61fd.jpg

Tonight's Dinner: May 13, 2013

Mrs. Fong bought steaks on her trip home from Las Vegas.  They had ordered a grill, but it hadn't come in yet so we had them over from steaks and corn.  I'm always up for a good steak!  Mrs. Fong got us ribeyes and Mr. Fong a tri-tip.  I think it was a tri-tip.  Maybe it was a New York strip.  Whatever the case, they were all really good.  Recently Sprouts was out of quinoa so I wanted to try millet in it's place.  Not a good replacement.  Mr. Fong really liked it, but I didn't like the mealy texture.  I don't know if I cooked it incorrectly, but I didn't enjoy it.

 photo FD468A57-FDF8-49DB-AE0B-CDD507CBAE13-1737-000001D05805D1ED_zps179b3db8.jpg

 photo 54E5B9F2-5DB6-4CDD-82BF-5F640F34E584-1737-000001D05A6E09C8_zps0f207b6a.jpg

 photo DF8BFFA8-307A-4BAE-BE53-3AAFD0EB56B4-1737-000001D05C8F396F_zps4f55cdb9.jpg

 photo 0C7389E4-FB3C-4F00-8FF3-A012E112685C-1737-000001D05EDCD8C3_zps52d52df8.jpg
We made blended orange juice in the Vitamix.  It was really

 photo 92DCFC53-AD8F-47EB-821E-7345A6C8884F-1737-000001D060D1D931_zps9f936d7d.jpg
I actually pranked one of my workers and said that this was
cheese sauce. One of my other coworkers drank it (knowing
that it is orange juice) and said that it was really good.  The
victim coworker almost gagged.  It made my morning. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: Mother's Day

Since we knew that we were having a large lunch we didn't think that we would be very hungry for dinner.  Christopher and I wanted to take my Mom out anyway.  We also did some last minute shopping and got her a new gardening hat and walking shoes for their up coming National Parks tour.

My Mom has always enjoyed Fenton's Creamery.  We decided to try a similar ice cream shop, The San Francisco Creamery.  It was really good!  Plus, there was parking.  That's pretty much what sold my Mom.  Once she heard that there was parking next door, she was fine with try out the SF Creamery.

 photo 0352769D-3802-4BBD-B4D7-2C25232D0BBE-1737-000001D04EA1632A_zpsd70ebaf5.jpg

 photo B3FBE301-83B1-4214-8B02-F26A2A0C3C3E-1737-000001D05153DAA4_zps81f80630.jpg

 photo 643054AC-3C0C-4330-A4A4-5B3D107E1F55-1737-000001D055E7196B_zps0e938347.jpg

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today's Lunch: May 12, 2013

Today we headed out to the City to have Mother's Day lunch with my Grandma and extended Chin family.  Normally, we get the same things over and over, which is great because we know that we like it, but today we did try some different items.  I really enjoyed them.  That's not saying much since I always enjoy our family gatherings.

 photo 1031F1FF-5D91-4944-B2C2-6DDF318B09EE-1737-000001D03D887F90_zpse1da9064.jpg
I've had something similar to this at Legendary in Oakland, but it was slightly
different.  This fried tofu had a little patty of pork on top, rather than scallop
like at Legendary. 

 photo C8632B6C-3168-4BD8-81BD-E2A30127ABF6-1737-000001D03FC64EFC_zps72a1e2fa.jpg
A type of Fukien Fried rice, but with shrimp.  It was delicious and I think my
Uncle Daniel ate about three bowls. 

 photo 08AF5C69-C7D2-48F1-BC52-9FF92A73B6C2-1737-000001D0426C9276_zps93219980.jpg
Fried fish. We've had this before, but I still think it looks cool. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Run For Your Lives

This was making out to be my worst nightmare, but I love my brother and he wanted to do it.  "Zombies" chasing us for three miles isn't exactly my cup of tea.  We started out bright and early at 4:45am on a Saturday morning to get to run in a po-dunk town that we didn't know existed near Sacramento.  The race was held at an ATV park, which meant that it was hilly and dusty.  It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be.  The zombies were instructed to not chase the runners too much.  There were a couple of chasers, but they never really went after me.  Too slow I guess.  Christopher on the other hand, was chased a couple of times because he's quick and a challenge to get.  I was just concentrating on getting away.  Thankfully I wasn't that girl who screamed the whole time.  Believe me, there were quite a few of those.  In retrospect, I would definitely do it again, but would gather a bunch of friends.  It is actually quite a bit of fun.

 photo C1C7A957-A604-4692-BEFE-3E457D6AE47C-1737-000001D02EF4585C_zpsb4da28e7.jpg
Bright and early; we are still clean. 

 photo 647D0628-3010-43B0-804F-667AE127EE01-1737-000001D0310BBEAD_zps639fa2b1.jpg
This is one of those pictures that just won't rotate. We were
"infected" because all of our football flags were pulled.

 photo 9C3D95BE-CAAC-4D85-9408-6736DE3E228E-1737-000001D03420AF53_zps1884606f.jpg
I wore compression shorts.  This is the line of dirt and mud
that I had after I changed. 

 photo 3E7DEFF2-9556-4820-9D38-C0A3495DADDB-1737-000001D036260CF3_zpscdbba8fb.jpg
Since the run was so far away, we decided to sit on the hill in the shade and
watch all the waves of people after us run.  This was the main field area where
we were both "infected".   Notes to future runners: do your run in the morning.
It got really hot. 

 photo 0D0C8A5C-073F-4366-9F64-9CCA46E08866-1737-000001D038E635E4_zps2b811c94.jpg
I was quite proud of myself for going through this mud
pit.  Christopher and I cringed and waded through it, but as
the day went on, people were hippo-ing and purposely
dunking themselves to stay cool. 

 photo 23616CD2-7765-4C71-882F-E9CB4A512C53-1737-000001D03BCC3889_zpsd5d732db.jpg
Dirt and tan line from the over 21 wristband they gave me.

Tonight's Dinner: May 10, 2013

My cousin who lived in Hong Kong and now Singapore for the last 12 or so years came home for a visit.  He wanted to get the Chew side of the family together for dinner.  This was fine by me.  After work, we all headed out to San Francisco Chinatown for some good Chinese food.  There was way too much food for the amount of people that we had, but I wasn't complaining.  It was so delicious, but we just couldn't eat it all!

 photo 43F3F87E-7E20-44D2-A887-FB114ECA1CA4-1737-000001D0207D596D_zps46ea2b2a.jpg
Classic Chinese charcuterie.   From left: Jellyfish, beef tongue, pork belly, and
bbq pork.

 photo 89D53190-E683-4BE6-A05F-2745F1A09D24-1737-000001D01EB001EE_zps87e50d80.jpg
Shark fin soup in a giant bowl.  I don't eat the stuff anymore because of ethical
reasons, but it sure did look good. 

 photo 4D76D06C-5ECD-43CA-870D-37C4B1D2A721-1737-000001D0225AE7EC_zps779c1000.jpg
Snap peas with beef and sliced day boat scallops.  I think this was my favorite
dish.  I ate so many scallops. 

 photo CF8033B7-EE96-4C31-BE31-C9FA39FF48CB-1737-000001D02457C500_zpse82d0d9a.jpg
Crab claw shrimp balls

 photo BBA0A98A-4DB1-4C4F-A37F-74E618D92F4B-1737-000001D0264B347F_zpsc927e18c.jpg
Mustard greens and abalone.  I also had quite a bit of this

 photo 48733C31-8E56-4C33-98C7-4F638D27A82A-1737-000001D0287F0A43_zps5c7b95e8.jpg
A couple of lobsters.

 photo 5DB98EC3-A27E-4473-9999-097385BAA2FF-1737-000001D02AD1C5AC_zps891cfea0.jpg
Giant fish.  I'm pretty sure that Nick at most of the fish himself since everyone
else was really full by the time this came out.