Monday, June 24, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: June 21, 2013

Tonight I wanted to make an easy breakfast dinner of spam, eggs, and rice.  After Nick saw what I was making, he asked me to make him spam loco moco.  It sounded pretty tasty so we started out on what ended up being a more complex than necessary dinner for a Friday.  I try not to cook on Fridays, but since we hasn't made a dinner together all week, it wasn't too bad.

 photo null_zpsc9a85398.jpg
Step 1: Fried spam over rice

 photo null_zps5ab00347.jpg
Step 2: Mushroom gravy and macaroni salad

 photo null_zps0f7d14a2.jpg
Step 3: Sunny side up eggs and more gravy

Tonight's Dinner: June 20, 2013

Nick had been gone Tuesday and Wednesday of this week for dinner so I had noodles and worked on wedding craft projects.  Thursday, however, the Fongs invited us over for dinner.  I grabbed Emmy and we ran the 5.5 miles to the Fong's house.  On the way, I waved at a guy who I thought was my good friend Frank.  He hesitantly waved back and that's when I realized that it wasn't him.  Woops.  It was kind of hard to miss me too since I was wearing a neon pink tank top so it's not like I could slink away.

The dinner was delicious as always and I was stuffed.

 photo null_zps058120f1.jpg

 photo null_zpsb54b9416.jpg
It's a little hard to see how gigantic these clams are, but if you look at the
next few pictures you'll see how much bigger they are than the bowl full
of regular sized clams. 

 photo null_zpsb1b84883.jpg

 photo null_zps102d7ee2.jpg

 photo null_zps803ab021.jpg

Today's Lunch: June 18, 2013

Today I went to lunch with a couple of coworkers and a former coworker at Jack's to catch up.  Unfortunately, our former coworker got caught up with a client so he showed up late and had to be rushed through his food.   As a punishment for being late, I stole his pickle.  It was nice seeing him though.  I got the gyro because the guys told me that it was pretty good and large.  It filled me up well enough since I probably shouldn't eat as much as I do.

 photo null_zps08a518c5.jpg
Photo bomb.  This is what happens when you go to lunch with all boys.

 photo null_zpsfdf04154.jpg

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are surprisingly good!  They pretty much have no flavor but are packed with tons of vitamins and minerals.  On top of that, they have a ton of fiber so they are supposed to help keep you full.  I was really worried about the texture since the look really slimy and like little bugs in your water, but they aren't bad at all.  They have the texture of a tomato seed.  If you don't like tomato seeds, I'd stay away.  When I drink them in coconut water or my green juice I don't even notice them because they are so slippery that I just drink them down. They are a really simple and inexpensive way to get vitamins and minerals.  I introduced them to a couple of my coworkers and one of them said that they give her a ton of energy.  She likes to sip them straight from the container, but I prefer to put mine in my juice or yogurt.

When you buy the seeds they look like little sesame seeds, but after you add water the explode into something that you can eat.  I read that you should always soak the seeds first as they will expand in your stomach if you don't, which could potentially cause stomach aches or cramps.  So far my coworkers and I haven't seen any negative side effects.  Our main worry is that we enjoy them so much that we would OD on them, but from the reading that I did, it doesn't look like you can really OD on them unless you're eating a whole jar or something.  We're limiting ourselves to a teaspoon or two of seeds a day.  The benefits are great!

 photo null_zps6c2ee8cb.jpg
The first day I tried them in coconut water. 

 photo null_zps51a01f75.jpg
I also tried them in Greek yogurt.

Tonight's Dinner: June 17, 2013

Tonight for dinner I wanted to try out a stuffed chicken breast.  I've never done anything like this before and think I was mildly successful.  I only ate about half of mine because I didn't like it much.  It's a good thing we had left over garlic noodles.  I think it would have been much more of a success if I would have used a cheese that melted better.  Costco slices of Swiss cheese don't melt very well and turn rubbery once it's cooled.  Not exactly appetizing.  The dish did look pretty though.  I would probably try this again with a different type of cheese.

 photo null_zps59b61e71.jpg

 photo null_zpsed49f743.jpg

 photo null_zps1a4e3607.jpg
I flattened the chicken by pounding it with the bottom
of a pot and rolled cooked mushrooms and spinach
into the chicken. 

Tonight's Dinner: June 16, 2013

For Father's Day we decided to take my Dad to Ruth Chris since he had never gone before.  Our friends, the Ryans, have raved about Ruth Chris' for years.  We are a Black Angus family, but it was nice to change things up.  The two really can't be compared, but the Chins love their well-priced prime rib.

Ruth Chris was really quite good, but I thought that it was a little expensive for what it was.  I appreciated that the meat was cooked simply with salt, pepper, butter and parsley, but when the waitress was explaining that all the meat was cooked the same way, it made me wonder why we were paying big bucks when I know that we can grill steaks with the same ingredients with a very similar result.  I did however, really enjoy the lobster ravioli.  Though the food was really tasty and well cooked, I thought the best part of the meal was the service.  Our waitress was attentive and considerate and the bus staff was extremely helpful.  I'm not sure if we will go back, but it is definitely a nice place for a date night if you are in the mood for steak.

 photo null_zps4897d865.jpg
My Dad loves French Onion Soup so we told him that we're
splurging so he should get it. 

 photo null_zpsf414f3b6.jpg
I thought my Mom was going to bop my Dad on the head
with her napkin because he kept trying to cut the gruyere with
his teeth rather than his spoon. Christopher and I thought it
was pretty amusing. 

 photo null_zps623b2f5e.jpg
Christopher and I both ordered the 22oz bone in ribeye.  It was only $5 more
than my Dad's 16oz boneless ribeye.  The waitress said that the bone really
doesn't add that much weight, so we went for the bigger one.  I've learned from
a very wise father, always get more bang for your buck!

 photo null_zps8c88ab1d.jpg
We got two orders of garlic mashed potatoes to share. 

 photo null_zps0dd0372c.jpg
Dad's 16oz ribeye.

 photo null_zps9e583e5a.jpg
I think that my Mom got a strip steak.  I can't remember and
I'm not that good at meat that I can recognize the cut. 

 photo null_zpsdbc5f214.jpg
I only finished half my steak and brought it home for Nick to have for lunch.

 photo null_zps9643712a.jpg
Lobster risotto.  I'm always hesitant to order risotto because it can be so easy
to mess up.  The lobster, however, drew me in.    

 photo null_zps9cc81917.jpg

 photo null_zps052617a8.jpg
As a reward for staying home while we were at dinner, we had the bus boy pack
up Christopher ribeye bone. 

 photo null_zps7fda8a9d.jpg
"For me?!"

 photo null_zpsb6e87875.jpg
"Well if you insist..."

 photo null_zpsa016aed3.jpg

 photo null_zpsbdd456d8.jpg
"My bone!"

 photo null_zps65a49d97.jpg
I ordered a small ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins
because my Dad loves Jamoca Almond Fudge. 

Today's Breakfast: June 15, 2013

Chef Burger!  Christopher, Nick and I were planning to go to Modesto to see one our favorite Youtube groups, The Piano Guys, for a small concert.  We had a lot of time to spare so we enjoyed our morning at Chef Burger and Father's Day shopping before heading out.

 photo null_zps4a783d71.jpg
Nick got a veggie omelet.

 photo null_zps8881f699.jpg
Nick and I both got breakfast burittos with country gravy. 

Let me tell you guys, the Piano Guys are amazing in their videos and live.  The are incredibly sincere and funny.  I guarantee that we will be playing several of their songs at our wedding during dinner.  On the screens in the back, they played some of their videos while they were playing the songs.  One of their best songs in my opinion, Beethoven's 5 Secrets, was absolutely amazing.  Christopher noticed that Steve, the cellist, matched all of his bow strokes with the video.  That is talent.  I highly encourage you to check out their Youtube channel.  I really can't say enough about how amazing they are.

 photo null_zpse8d8d081.jpg

 photo null_zps9c82987b.jpg
We didn't take many pictures since they were all turning out like this, but we
had to take a couple. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: June 14, 2013

This is definitely less than healthy, but after trying to cleanse during the week, I calorie splurged and had a Fosters with popcorn.  Nick fell asleep super early so I was able to get some "me" time.  This also translates to "Allison gets to paint her nails without anyone complaining about the smell" time.  I also got to watch Pride and Prejudice and Pretty Woman without any complaints.  Unfortunately for Emmy, she can't talk.

 photo null_zps31504240.jpg

Now before you all go judging me for lack of any nutritional value of my dinner, I did have a really large lunch at Elephant Bar for our monthly Admin lunch.  

 photo null_zpsf8515003.jpg
I got a steak burrito and a side of mac and cheese.  One of the other girls didn't
like her steak sandwich so I also ate half of her meat. 

 photo null_zpsa3043323.jpg
Vanessa got the shrimp platter appetizer as a meal. That's
a lot of shrimp.

 photo null_zps120d6c68.jpg
She also got a pretty awesome looking mock-tail. 

Tonight's Dinner: June 13, 2013

Pork tenderloin take two:

 photo null_zps048bada9.jpg

 photo null_zps06b1cc8e.jpg

 photo null_zps4bf4ff00.jpg

 photo null_zps549a40ca.jpg
Garlic noodles with garlic green beans.  Yum yum yum.

Post-Dinner Cooking

After we got home from the Fongs, I still had to do some cooking for our office potluck.  To make things easy for myself, I made sausage taco fixins'.  It was nothing too inspired, but it seemed like something that everyone would like and could customize when they put them together.  I've learned that we have some picky eaters at our office, so this worked out well.

 photo null_zpse265ec2c.jpg
I cooked up the sausage, sautéed mushrooms, red bell peppers, caramelized onions,
chiffonaded spinach, and made a rosemary-garlic-lemon mayo. 
 photo null_zpscc10232c.jpg
I also brought stuff to make office s'mores.  Using my creme
brulee torch, we roasted marshmallows on bbq squewers.  I
had seen a s'mores recipe on all recipes that used fudge striped
cookies instead of graham crackers and chocolate.  Not as good
as the real deal, but definitely not terrible. 

Tonight's Dinner: June 12, 2013

Wow.  I don't even know why we eat out when we can eat like this at home.  The Fongs just received their new, giant, stainless steel grill and invited us over for dinner so that Nick could grill for them.  I think for this post, I'll revert back to letting the pictures speak for themselves.

 photo null_zpsb9cadb30.jpg
Giant wild salmon and rib-eyes.

 photo null_zpsc54419da.jpg

 photo null_zps10bdd837.jpg

 photo null_zpsfcf47cd8.jpg
Nick cut the fish in half to fit them on the cedar blocks that
we brought over.

 photo null_zps17d84638.jpg

 photo null_zpsb9e609b7.jpg
Rob gave all of his groomsmen brands.  Nick really wanted
to try his on one of the steaks.  It turned out better than we
thought, but I kept telling him that he should do it on a cooked
steak.  He was too impatient.

 photo null_zpsd4fbc226.jpg

 photo null_zps598e86af.jpg

 photo null_zps5d6707e0.jpg
Happy Daddy and woof.

 photo null_zps2f03c177.jpg

 photo null_zps39ff1801.jpg
I ate one of these badboys all to myself.

 photo null_zpsc5547c51.jpg

 photo null_zps7c2abbf4.jpg