Sunday, December 09, 2007

Emmy is in California!

Boy, we had a tough trip. I'm very busy right now so I'm just going to copy paste what I told Julie over Gmail chat.

me: the stupid people at the airport had no idea where we were supposed to go. we waited in the regular domestic like for like half and hour and then they told us to go to parcel postal service or something like that. the only person who know what was going on was the manager

me: and then when we got down the pps place, the idiot woman didn't think that she had her rabies shot because the vet put the expiration date for the actual vial of vaccine that she was given. so since that was expired, the lady discredited the part that said that emmy didn't need another shot until jan of 2008
everyone else in the pps place knew what the paper meant, but she insisted that it wouldn't work. so when the supervisor finally came out she was like, oh it's fine.

Julie: oh, christ

me: completely ridiculous. ed said that she was trying to get us on the weather and health certificate too
ed did all of the talking
i would have just yelled at her

Julie: according to the AA information that you forwarded to me, it says to go to the AA cargo office at SFO (you type the airport name in and it will tell you all the information for that particular airport)
i thought perhaps that was wrong since i've seen other folks pick dogs up at baggage claim areas, we went just to be sure and they said to go to baggage claim

me: i was like, the vet checked off the box that says she can fly under 45 degrees, but she was like well it doesn't say how far under 45. we were like, well the airline won't fly her if it's under 20 degrees. so you have the difference of 45 to 20 degree weather

So basically, the people were idiots and jerks all in one. I hate NYC. Anyways, here are the pictures that Julie and Davie sent of the pick up. We thought that she would freak out, but she seemed fine and didn't soil herself. Even the people at AA where we dropped her off thought she was great. She didn't even bark when we left. She's such a good girl.

Uncle Davie made her a little pillow out of a towel and everything!

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