Monday, January 28, 2008

Hello hello!

Well, we've been back in Troy for a couple of weeks now and it's back to the same old-same old. I think that those ten pounds I put on during the break are gone again. I've been good about making dinner with the Crock Pot so that we don't go out so much, but we don't really have time during the day to eat much. I wake up so late that I have my coffee and then I'm not hungry until I'm at work. After that I don't come back until after class around 9pm. That's when we get to eat. So one meal a day and plenty of caffeine and sugar is keeping me afloat. Ed usually takes the left overs since he needs more to eat than I do.

Anyways, my eyes are already bugging out because of all of the reading I have to do. So far I've read five books in the two weeks I've been in class. Since I'm taking all Lit classes this semester I had to buy 29 books and post five blogs/discussion boards per week. It's a pain and A LOT more work than I'd really like to be doing. Ah, but that's the life of a grad student, right? This week I have to read a book and make a presentation by Thursday. I see lots of late nights in the near future. I'm trying to get my internal clock back on schedule. I've been going to bed around 4am and waking up at like 1pm. Today I woke up at 11am, which is nearly miracle. Hopefully I'll be so tired tonight that I can go to bed at a semi-normal time.

I think that's all for now. The Roomba is absolutely amazing. Ed and I are very impressed by the work that it does. It runs every night and it still manages to pick up dirt, dust, and fur. It does 100% of a better job than I do since I hate vacuuming. So with the Crock Pot doing my cooking and the Roomba doing some cleaning, all I need now is a machine to dust and I'm all set. Since I do all the prep for our weeks dinners on Sunday night I haven't had to do too much work. Ed has been helping out a lot more now, which makes me a lot happier. Maybe it's because he sees all of the reading that I have to do on my white board. Hehe, well whatever it is, I'm glad that he's helping out around the house more.

He's started to play inter-mural ice hockey on a team full of freshmen. It's funny and pretty frustrating because they all know what they're supposed to be doing, but none of them can ice skate well enough to get to their positions. Ah, well. They'll get better and I'll continue to be the obnoxious girlfriend in the stands cheering them on. Toodles!

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The Bowers! said...

You need to get Judd and Edward to invent a machine that can read all your books for you and then just upload (or is it download...?) all that information directly into your brain. It would be like in The Matrix with "learning" how to fly a helicopter.