Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Times Union

The Times Union (TU) is the local Albany newspaper that is distributed everywhere here. Upon Julie's advice, I went around to different sites and found places that I would like to work at and then sent them an email. I am part of the job search list that TU puts out, but I never see any postings for their newspaper, which is what I want to do most. After searching for a way to contact them, I finally found one of those forms that you fill out online with comment. So I told them that I'm a recent graduate with an English degree and am looking to go into writing/journalism/editorial. A little while later someone wrote back saying that she forwarded my request to the Human Resources lady. She also gave me her office number to get hold of her myself. So if she doesn't email back soon I'm going to call her. I don't want to call before she even receives the email. Even if they have a lowly assistant's assistant editor job I'm going to take it. This would be my jump start into the publishing world! Although I still would love to have the Sage job at the college, if I were given the choice of either, I'd go with TU.

I've been calling the woman at Sage to find out if the position has been filled, but she ever answers her phone. Actually, I know the position hasn't been filled, but I can't get her on the phone to tell her that I really want the job. Of course, I'd say it a little nicer than "I really want the job".

Oh yeah, I also have an interview on Monday with an energy company. It's only part time and just an assistant's job so I'm going to hold out for a while I think. The guy does want me to tutor his kids though, so that can be a plus.

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