Friday, October 26, 2007

The Hand Sander

So last weekend while I was at work on my second draft of the "God's Paint" manuscript I asked my friend Jack if a hand sander was heavy. I wanted my character, Clover, to weigh it in her hand, but couldn't have her do that if the tool was heavy. Jack proceeds to draw me a picture of a hand sander and this is approximately how our conversation went:

"So can you hold it in one hand?" I asked. "I have her saying 'Thanks, Benny,' she said with a small smile. 'Now how do you use this thing?' she asked, weighing the tool in her hand."
Jack continues drawing his hand sander diligently with his head close to the note pad and says "Well actually you hold it with your foot."

I thought that this was so funny that I was near tears. His "hand" holding the diagram of the hand sander looked like a foot. Ah, the clever boy.

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