Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I had a very good day today. My mean professor was actually very nice, so I'm in a very good mood. A couple of nights ago Ed told his parents that he isn't going to pursue his PhD and they were fine with it. So to me that means that it's official that we'll be coming home after I'm done. Woo Hoo!

I've also included a story that I've been working on. I'm posting the "juvenile" version. I like this one better, but my Prof said that I needed to make it more adult. I've also just written a pretty good short fic, but it's very dark and disgusting. My Prof was encouraging us to push the envelope, so I went for the other spectrum of fiction. If you want to read that one let me know and I'll email. It's a little too graphic to put on here.

Yellow Snow
By: Allison Chin

“Don’t eat the yellow snow,” she told me. I didn’t know why she would say that. It was a free lemon snow cone just waiting to be found by that lucky someone. That day I was the lucky boy. When I tried to scoop it up with my snowball maker she yelled at me so loud that Mrs. Robinson almost dropped her snow shovel. “What did I just tell you? Don’t eat the yellow snow, Dimwit.”
She was right. I hate when she is right. When she wasn’t looking I took a quick mouthful. It didn’t taste like a lemon snow cone at all. It tasted like pee! I had eaten someone else’s pee! I thought that I was going to die after that.
I was mad at her for not telling me that it wasn’t lemon flavored. I was mad when she laughed at me and said “I told you so”. I was mad when she said “It serves you right” when I told her that I thought I was going to die. I was just plain mad. I had just eaten some else’s pee after all.
That night I went to bed clutching my stomach, scared to death of death. When I woke the next morning with the bright, heatless winter sun shining on my face I was so happy that I could have kissed my ugly sister. I was alive! And I told the whole family so. I told Mrs. Robinson who was out shoveling her walkway. I told the milkman. I told my cat, Pebbles, who was looking at the little birds from the window. I told the little birds. And then I told Jeffery Parson, the boy from next door, that I was alive.
“Why wouldn’t you be?” he asked.
I gave him a serious look then; one that I hoped would get how grave the situation was across. “I ate yellow snow,” I said.
“Did it taste like lemon?” His eyes lit up like a Jack-o-lantern on Halloween.
“No, it wasn’t lemon at all.” I shook my head solemnly. He looked so disappointed at this news that I thought I shouldn’t have told him at all.
“What did it taste like?”
“How do you know what pee tastes like?” he asked with a disgusted face.
“Believe me, you just do,” I said. “Don’t eat the yellow snow.” I turned away from him then and headed back towards my house.
“No, I don’t think I will.” I heard him say from behind me. I never ate yellow snow or lemon snow cones again.

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