Monday, October 06, 2008


If you hadn't already heard, we're down in Georgia because Edward's Uncle Walter passed away on Thursday afternoon. We made the drive down here on Friday afternoon and arrived on Saturday evening. The wake and ceremony were tearful, but we are trying to have a good time here. After the funeral today we went back to Annette's house for lunch. Then, we went fishing down at Chip and Kathy's pond. I actually caught a few fish! It was a small step up from the fish farm that my Baba took me to years and years ago, but it makes me think that I can actually go fishing with Edward some time. I think that Chip's pond was giving me a false sense of reality, but I'll live with it. It actually made fishing fun.

Right now it is raining and Julie is loving it. Since we get rain all of the time in Troy, I'm a little used to/tired of it. I think today we will be going to help Annette clear out her house so that she can move to South Carolina where Nancy lives. It's good weather to be inside.

...Okay, so I let almost a week pass between now and the first two paragraphs of this blog. In that time I got a hair cut, Emmy decided to go on an adventure and cross the highway to look for us at Uncle Walter's farm (we were staying at Chip and Kathy's farm), she jumped through the window of my car so that we wouldn't leave her again, we went to Rock City and Ruby Falls, spent lots of time with the family, and are now in Atlanta visiting Tim (our friend from UCR).

On Wednesday Julie and I got hair cuts at Creative Images with Lebron. I really like the way that he cuts my hair. I got my last cut from him when we came down during the summer so it was just about time to get another cut. Julie and I actually showed up an hour early by accident because we got our times mixed up. She was supposed to get her cut on Wednesday and I was scheduled for Thursday. We ended up both going on Wednesday because we wanted to go touring on Thursday. When we told them that we'd just cancel my appointment Lebron and his staff were able to squeeze me in. That was quite nice and they did a great job. (I feel like I'm writing a review for them.) I really like our haircuts. They are low maintenance, but still very cute.

While we were off getting our hair done, Edward and Davie went to get new headlights for my car and an oil change. When we got back to Chip's farm we were in for a story. Apparently, when we left Emmy with Chip and Mr. Levie our darling little girl was distressed and tried to follow us. She managed to make her way down to Uncle Walter's farm, which is about 1/4- 1/2 a mile away. We think that she went through the corn field path that we had walked on the day before and crossed right in front to Uncle Walter's farm gate. Now, the street isn't very busy, but it is a highway so she could have gotten very hurt. We hope, hope, hope that all of the training paid off and she sat before she crossed the road. Chip said that he noticed that she was gone about 10-12 minutes after we left so she must have figured that we were over at the other farm and tried to follow us. Ray, one of the workers around the farm, saw her trotting around the house and told Chip. He went down with his truck and brought her back. For some reason she didn't want to get out of his truck after he brought her home. I think it might have been because she knows that when she's in a car that we always come back to get her. When we heard this we thought it was really funny/cute, but it did scare us too. Julie was going to take her in to get wiped down (she was muddy from the corn field) while we went down to the other farm to drop off some food. Emmy saw that we were going to leave again and promptly turned around and jumped into the car through the window. I practically had to flatten myself against the seat of the car so that she wouldn't whack me. She apparently did not want us to leave her.

On Thursday we left Emmy in the crate and took off for Chattanooga, TN. We went to see Rock City and Ruby Falls. Rock City was pretty cool. There were lots of rocks... Ruby Falls however, was slightly disappointing. I guess it was so hyped up with billboards and stuff that I thought that it would be much bigger. During dinner that night I described it as a giant peeing through a hole. I think I imagined an underground Niagara Falls or something. The tour guide built it up to be something spectacular also. Although it is the tallest underground waterfall, it didn't really look like much. I guess I was just expecting a lot more. I really liked the lights and water though. I love it when people put lights to water. I just like lights in general, but water added to it is a bonus.

Woops, slightly off centered. Hehe

I think that it's a pretty well known fact that Emmy is not a fan of other dogs inside the house. Buttons, Chip and Kathy's boxer, really wanted to play with Emmy. She didn't even get the hint when Emmy growled at her.

Testament of Emmy's dislike for other dogs around her pack.

We are currently in Atlanta now visiting our friend Tim from college. We all went together to a tailgate party for the Georgia Tech football game today. Emmy and I walked back to his apartment and slept until they called around 6pm. After that, Emmy and I went on an adventure to find a Pho place while they went to a volleyball game. I have to say, I think I enjoyed my Pho way more than I would have enjoyed the game. It was soooooo good. I think this will hold me over until Christmas.

Tomorrow we're going to leave Atlanta pretty early so that we can get as much driving in as we can. The plan is that we'll drive all day tomorrow and then visit Josie Monday afternoon on our last leg of our trip. I'm not really looking forward to the drive, but I do really need to do some reflecting about my project. Long car rides are good for this. I need to have half of it done by next week! EEK!

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