Monday, September 29, 2008

You wouldn't believe....

This meal looks pretty good, huh? It's for Emmy. Put her in the bin, get the white jacket, she's loony! I'm not, really. Yesterday we got a notice from BJ's Wholesale telling us that the food that we purchased for Emmy could be a batch of dry food that was contaminated with Salmonella. So for the in between getting a new bag of food I made her a bunch of rice, boiled chicken tenders, and peas. I'd say that this is a pretty well balanced meal for anyone. There aren't any spices so it may not taste that great, but it's gourmet for Emmy!

Aside from the food recall, this past weekend we took care of my boss' darling little poodle, Josie. (Pronounced Jo-sIe. The "I" is accented, not like how we pronounce Josie.) I was a little (well maybe a lot) nervous that Emmy would beat up on her because she is old. She had already practically attacked her in the office, but everything was okay in the end. I might even say that they are friends. They sure both wanted to sleep on the bed! After I dropped Josie off at the Celery office I went to go cheer on Edward's inter mural soccer team. They won! They also gave me team shirts since I'm the cheerleader for the team. I wouldn't say I'm the best cheerleader as I yell at them to get on their marks and to drop back when they aren't running fast enough. The poor keeper has to listen to me yell because I stand right next to him. If the team would only listen to me, they'd realize that I'm not full of hot air. I kind of know what you have to do in the game. Hehehe. The goalie agrees with what I have to say, so at least I know I'm not just a ranting fan.

Then we went out to BJ's to stock up of food. While we were out in that area we went to the India Bazaar. We got a whole bunch of spices for less than you'd get in a small bottle of McCormick's. They are huge bags! We also got some microwavable Indian food that was absolutely amazing. We're probably putting our Indian friends to shame by loving this stuff, but it is sooooo good. Cheap, easy, and good. Can't beat that.

Josie the Celery dog.

Also, Edward's Uncle Walter is declining in health. He is currently in hospice so at least he is comfortable. We expect to go down to Georgia in the next few weeks. It is difficult to talk/write about, but please think good thoughts for Edward's family.
My brain feels like it is going to explode. This is my current away message:
I need a drink. The beginning of my story was originally only 11 pages and now after cutting the parts that were too backstory-ish I only have seven. The preface is totally gone. Goodbye, good night, you're gone. Four pages of writing down the drain. The worst part is that I wrote a lot to fill in the blanks and it's still so short. My brain is about to burst. creativity can only work for so many hours in a given day. Apparently 3.5 is my max.

I didn't even get through the whole manuscript! Writing a hundred good pages is looking very bleak at the moment. I know I can pop out a hundred pages, but I want/need good pages. I'm very frustrated at the moment.

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