Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home alone means lots of shopping

I have been doing so much shopping lately it's ridiculous, but it gets me out of the house. I will need to figure something out for next week since I can't really keep going on this way. Last week I ran, this week I shopped. I did run yesterday though, so I guess I've been running this week as well. The majority of my exercise has been walking through the mall. I will probably crack down on my reading and writing. I've made some progress on that personal essay I mentioned in the last post, but when I look at it, I get a little intimidated by all of the sections that I have planned for myself. These are the section titles:

On Forgetting
On Being Alone (and subsequently, on loneliness)
On Disappointment and Disappointing
On Failure
On Talking Too Much
On Self-Image
On Power
On Self-Doubt
On Following
On Thinking For Yourself
On Being Selfish

This order is subject to change as each topic came to me while writing On Forgetting. I won't be surprised of some of the information begins to overlap. I've completed the first draft of On Forgetting and have a pieces done for On Being Alone, On Disappointment and Disappointing, On Failure, On Following, and On Thinking For Yourself. I'd have say that this is quite ambitious as I have set my goal to finish before a friend of mine comes to help me tear out the weeds in the backyard on Saturday. I've been working on it a little at work, but haven't really felt like doing it while I'm home. Since it's raining today I might just stay in and write. I will attach a small clip from the On Forgetting section at the bottom of the post. Note that it is a first draft.

I also got my hair done yesterday. It's awesome. I had the gal put in more purple this time. So I have natural brown highlights mixed with purple. She basically did a dual highlight job with brown and purple. I'm quite excited. She let it sit in for much longer than last time so the purple is very dark at the moment. I won't take pictures until you can actually see it. In the sun you can tell that it's purple, but indoors my hair just looks very dark, almost black. I think it looks so much better than it did because the toning that she did last time was fading and I looked like I was trying to be blond. Hah! A Chinese blond girl. Yeah right. So I'm very happy with the job she did. The purple is still coming off on my fingers, which makes me look like I belong in a mechanics shop that uses purple grease. I've noticed that this tends to happen with unnatural colored hair dye. It happened to me when I had done my hair pink also. Since the color wore out pretty quickly from the last dye job she gave me, I spent the money on getting a good shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. Apparently Revlon isn't as great as I thought at color retention. So I spent a fair penny on my hair yesterday. I just hope that it all stays in this time. I will have to go back before I leave to move home since I don't know when I'll be able to find a good stylist who isn't afraid to make me look like an Easter egg.

Excerpt from On Forgetting

...Tonight I found myself in the self-help aisle of my local Barnes and Noble staring at shelves upon shelves of guidance books. There were books on how to overcome a stroke, how to move on from eating disorders, how to make oodles of money, how to appreciate a privileged lifestyle. My eyes began to blur before I could find anything on forgetting. Everything seemed to be focused on how to remember and celebrate major turning points in life. What about the small stuff? I didn’t see any books on how to remember things that had been forgotten. Once you get on the path of forgetting, it seems like you begin to forget everything. I am in a perpetual state of forgetting. I fear that pretty soon I’ll forget how to tie my own shoes and what it means to love...

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