Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So ready for the new HP movie tonight

Tonight is the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I have been waiting ages for this movie to come out. It was supposed to be released last November but was pushed back until now. Today I'm posing as the resident witch in the office. I don't think that Dave really believed that I'd wear my outfit all day. He has seen the outfit for Halloween, but didn't think I'd wear on it on just an average day. His reaction was "Oh my God...".

I had to take off the robes because it was getting too warm, but I still have the tie! Neil and his wife Mary Beth are going with me to the movies. We're all having dinner at Neil's place (Dave and Erin too) and then going to the movies. I forgot my Gryffindor tie on my dresser so I'll have to go back for it. I told Neil that he should be Ron or that MB could be Ginny. I figured that I'd go home in between dinner and the movie anyway. For a while I thought that I'd have to go by myself, but now I have buddies. The only thing that I'm worried about is that I have a ticket for 12:01am and Neil has tickets for 12:04am because he didn't get his until yesterday and I got mine weeks ago. I hope that I can just sneak in to his theater. Hopefully it's not a smaller one! A matter of four minutes won't kill me, but I'd be disappointed if it was in a smaller room. I guess it doesn't matter that much since I told my friend that I'd go with him again this weekend. I figured I'd wear my Dumbledore memorial shirt to that and not the whole getup even though he's seen me in it before because he was in that class that I did the Fanfiction presentation for. (My mom rushed to finish the robes so that I could wear them in my presentation.) Hehehe.

Neil told me that I should consider being Cho Chang since I'm Chinese and a Ravenclaw, which is what she is, but she's such a sissy that I'd rather be an extra. Though if I had to chose one character, she'd fit the build. This picture is from my phone, but it'll have to do. The camera is only 2.0 megapixels and I can never keep it steady when I take pictures.
Note to all of my aunts and uncles with kids: This movie will be much scarier than the others. There are creatures called Inferi, which are people who Voldemort killed during his first attempt at world domination and then brought back "to life" to use as killing machines. They are basically zombies that crawl out of the lake and grab at Harry and Dumbledore. There is also blatant murder, which will be present throughout the rest of the series. If you follow HP at all you'll know that it started in book four when Voldemort murdered Cedric Diggory. So please take note. It is rated PG, but I wouldn't take young kids to see it, that's for sure. I don't want any of my cousins having nightmares!


Abigail said...

Did I ever tell you that the picture of Fleur Delacor on the cover of book 4 confused me, and I always thought Cho Chang was blonde and blue-eyed? I finally figured out my mistake when I read articles about the casting of her role for the movies!

Christopher Chin said...

I'm so much more of a Hufflepuffler than you! I'll show you the shirts my friend made me when Photobucket comes back up. But I am SO much cooler =-D

Christopher Chin said...
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Christopher Chin said...

It is NOT 5:51...but it IS 4....

Scroll down in this post. My shirts ROCK!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness allison. Nice robes. And hair. I didn't get to see it opening day! curses!