Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meeting People

Well, the long distance relationship just isn't my thing. This past week Louis and I called it quits. I just don't like the idea that we are that far away. I gave it a shot, but I'm a red-blooded woman who needs to have her guy hold her hand and take her to the movies every once in a while. Hah! The break up was cordial and I think that we will remain friends in the future. So all is well now. I'm not feeling bummed or anything. I think the distanced made it easier to let go. We will see what happens. For now I think I'll just play the field and meet people. It seems the best thing for me to do at this point in time. I met some people at the wedding that I went to so hopefully I will be able to stay connected with them. Rolando pointed out that it's good for me to (re)start my life out here instead of clinging to NY. I thought that was a good way to put it. So here's to turning a new leaf over!

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