Thursday, October 22, 2009


Can we squeal EXCITED all at the same time? On Friday I'm going to see Wicked again for the first time in four years. While I'm there I will also be trying to get tickets to go again next week for my mom's birthday. This week's showing was kind of a spur of the moment thing since my friend Nick and I were talking about it. He hadn't seen it yet, but had heard good things about it. I, on the other hand, love the musical so I plain wanted to see it! My dad had sent me an email from about a promotion that the Orpheum was having until the end of October. We got out tickets for $75 instead of the regular $100. How awesome is that? So this week I'm taking him out and I think that he wants to reciprocate by taking me to Napa soon for a nice lunch. I'm sure it will be splendid. Anyway, I'm super excited to see Wicked and get all dressed up. In my opinion, people don't dress up enough to go to the theater anymore. It is a shame. Nick and I will be dressing up. Hahah! Take that overly casual people! ...It could also be that I was going to see musicals in Schenectady, NY, which is a tiny little town. SF is probably way different. Really, I'm just wearing work attire and he is wearing a suit. It sure beats the sweats I wear everyday and the jeans that he wears. It is nice to dress up every once in a while. This week I went out and got myself a new pair of slacks to wear with an awesome top that I got in DC when I was visiting Josie (as if I didn't have enough slacks already). As it turns out, I think I'll wear the nice top for when I go see the show with my family instead. I will, however, still wear the slacks.

This past weekend my dad, Mrs. Ryan, Shanna and I went down to Santa Cruz to cheer on the CHS marching band. They came in 1st place! Woot! This is Shanna and me all decked out in our school spirit garb.
Major dorks, huh? Yes, those are bright yellow converse that Shanna is wearing. Don't worry, we don't walk around looking like this on a normal basis. Only when we get into our band nerd mode. Haha. We walked so much that Shanna's ankles were hurting and I was about to crumple on the ground and call it a day. After watching all the bands, we sat on the boardwalk for a while until two different bums called us "pretty ladies". After that we got up and walked to downtown SC to find coffee. Man, it was hot. Afterwards, we took the long drive back to our house where Shanna and I practically passed out on the sofa. We did muster the energy to go to a gathering with Nick, but were honestly not very lively. I rarely wake up at 6am, but this was one of those days so I was pooped out. That's familial love right there...waking up at 6am to drive and hour and a half for a 10 minute show and then waiting six boring hours until awards and then another hour and half drive home. We probably looked like death. Hah! It was a full, but very good day. I'm going to miss Shanna when she leaves. No more dorky buddy to prance in green and gold clapping CHS chants with me.

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