Thursday, March 11, 2010

We all know that I'm an unfaithful blogger.  Let me do a quick summary of the last two weeks.

At the end of February I got together with the girls to discuss The Piano Teacher.  We do about 10 minutes of discussion and then talk for hours about things that are in no way related to the text.  I did actually enjoyed the book quite a bit, but the girls thought that it was rather plotless.  I think that there was a lot going on with out much really happening, which sounds crazy.  However, I do think this is the case.  The author seemed like she had started her work and then came back to it much later.  There was a huge gap where the style changed.  All in all I thought it was entertaining. She had some really awesome images, but there weren't any real passages that popped out at me. 

The next day we went down to the San Jose Tech Museum to check out the Star Trek exhibit.  It was really cool!  It brought back fond memories of sitting on the sofa with my dad.  I do remember an episode in The Next Generation where there was a long scene on the Holodeck and people were getting some weird disease. (I'm pretty sure they were on the Holodeck and not on an alien planet.)  The crew members would get these veiny things on the back of their necks and then start transforming in to alien creatures.  Oh man, that scared the living daylights out of me.  I had to sleep with my door open and hall light on for years.  Literally, can ask my parents. 

The displays were actual pieces from the set, which I thought was pretty neat.  You could see the wear on the costumes when you looked closely.  I remember growing up watching the show and seeing them strut around with their colorful uniforms and magical pins.  One of the down sides of the exhibit was that we couldn't take pictures.  I did feign ignorance though and snuck a picture of the hallway with my phone.  The reason I took a picture of this seemingly mundane hallway is because I was coming out of another room and walked right into it.  It's a picture on the wall to simulate a longer hallway!  But doesn't it look just like Enterprise?!?!

Afterwards we all went as a family to search for pho.  I had wanted to go to a burrito place that I saw on Man VS. Food from the Travel Channel, but my family didn't seem into the idea.  I had heard that SJ has really good pho since there is such a large Vietnamese population.  Wrong!  It was the worst pho ever.  It was all fancy and stuff.  Plus, all they served was chicken.  Not cool, is all I have to say.  Now, I guess you can argue that out of the hundreds of pho places that we could have randomly picked from the GPS that this is an unfair assumption about SJ's pho, however, I'm sticking to what I know until I'm proven wrong.  And for right now, I don't like SJ's pho!  Unfortunately, last weekend I was gone to a weekend long snow trip with Nick's friends so I haven't had pho since SJ!  I need to get pho, stat!

Another major bummer about the museum was that the gift shop wasn't selling the communication pins.  I really wanted one.  It's a good thing Amazon sells them for $8.00.  I might just have to get our family some. After we had gotten home I was still griping about their lack of pins and stated that I would wear it all the time.  I joked about how I would wear it and use it to summon Christopher from upstairs.  Then I proceeded to press my pinless lapel and say, "Bleueup, Christopher, come do the dishes," which caused Christopher to roll his eyes and press his lapel and say, "Bleueup, no."  We do our father proud.

As I mentioned before, the next weekend was spent up in Tahoe with Nick and his billion friends.  I was really quite dreading the trip because there would be so many people piling into one cabin, but it was actually pretty good.   I think Nick worked me up to thinking that I would get super annoyed with how loud his friends are.  It helped because they were super loud. It was a good weekend though and I got to know his friends a little better.  To get away from the mayhem, we stole away to a cute little Thai place on the last night.  I had seen it on Yelp and had been craving Thai.  It's a good thing that I made a reservation because it was packed! Nick and I also went for some snowboarding, but that was a major let down.  Since I had been running with Emmy the previous week, my knee was in pretty bad shape.  We only did about four runs and my knee was killing me.  I was so disappointed.  The next day the inner muscle of my quad was also really painful.  I'm not sure if it was because the knee brace was holding my knee in place where it was supposed to be and my muscles weren't use to it or if it was because I was trying to over compensate for the joint pain and using my muscles more.  Whatever the case, I could barely lift my leg to cross one over the other and the stairs were pretty killer. 

So all is pretty much back to normal now.  I will be posting some pictures of the awesome food that Nick and I have been making/eating this week.  I haven't made up recipes in a while, but I did the other night and it was fantastic.  The pictures are on Nick's camera so I have to get those from him before I post the recipe, but it'll be up as soon as I get them!  I also braised a giant hunk of lamb last night for my family, Nick, and Briana.  I'll post pictures and comments with the recipe post.  I also made up a wet rub for a giant piece of brisket that I got from Costco.  I'll let you know how that turns out.  (We're having that tonight.) 

Captian's log, Stardate 031010. This is the end of the Star Trek post, but fear not, we will boldly go where no man has gone before.

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