Friday, June 04, 2010

Last week felt like a whirlwind swept through.  Nick and I had dinner together Monday and Tuesday night and then I had my usual dinner with Melanie on Wednesday.  That's when the craziness began.  Wednesday night Bonnie and I went to see the midnight showing of Sex and the City 2. We are getting old.  By 11 30 we were tired just waiting for the movie.  Just imagine how tired we were at 3am when the movie got out.  Bonnie had to get up for work at 7am!  We brought in little plastic bottles of wine in our purses to have at the theater.  We felt so trashy and the wine tasted disgusting, but it was fun.  I'm not sure if my wine wasn't cold enough or the fact that it was in a screwtop plastic bottle, but the wine was so gross...and this is coming from someone who buys cheap wine all the time.  Bleh.  Anyway, I had Thursday night to recover and lounge around the house before I went off to see Sex and the City 2 again with Nick's girl friends.  (I have to make sure to state the difference when talking about girl friends otherwise it gets confusing.  When I saw "my" girls I mean Melanie, Abby, Bonnie, and Shanna if she is in town.  Nick's girls are Linda, Jenelle, Lindsay, and sometimes a few others.  I was starting to confuse everyone by saying that I was "going out with the girls".  My mom would say okay, which girls?)   There were so many more women in the theater this time.  There were only about 30 or so people at the showing Bonnie and I went to.  You could just tell the theater was packed with estrogen when the previews were showing and there were squeals of delight over the new Twilight movie.  Another big BLEH. 

Saturday our family went to Pierce Ryan's Eagle Court of Honor.  We were running around like crazy trying to help the family get everything together.  It was hot too.  After driving all the way back to the Ryan's house to pick up something they forgot and hauling around six bags of ice, I sat myself in the back of the church sweating like a pig.  The ceremony was nice though and now I know what I'm in for come August when it's Christopher's turn.

On Sunday my mom and I headed out to the city for Patti's bridal shower.  I swear, every time we go to Uncle Baldy's place we go a different way.  We were a little bit lost because they closed the park so we couldn't go through and then my mom likes to read the directions on the GPS where as I like to see the map so she was telling me that I needed to turn when I still had half a mile to go before turning.  I was really hungry and just had to keep my mouth shut so that I didn't snap at her.  Then, once we got closer to Uncle Baldy's and were beyond stressed, this man nonchalantly walked up to the stop sign we were stopped at and started shaking the thing so that it made this huge boom/wobble noise.  We were like, what in the world is he doing, and took off.  Crazy San Franciscans! Anyway, to make the shower fun we were all asked to wear old bridesmaid dresses if we had them.  I figured that Jen Jen would wear the one for Josie's wedding, and she did  (the pink dress), so I decided to wear my maid of honor dress from Juni's wedding.  I had actually talked to Juni the day before and told her that I was going to wear it and she was like, "You are!  I'm so sorry I was one of those brides that made you wear something like that!"  It made for some interesting comments at the shower.  I was just happy that I could fit it after four years.  To Juni's defense, she ordered the dresses from the Philippines and they didn't turn out how she pictured them.  It was a beautiful wedding, but the dresses were something else.  At least I got two wears out of mine!  Josie's pink dress would have been much easier to wear though.


On Monday we went to Napa for lunch at Mustard's Grill with Frank, Jenelle, Linda, and Rob.  I had the most amazing lamb burger and Nick had awesome jalapeno rubbed steak.  It was all so delicious.  I want to try to remake the steak.  Anything close to how delicious the steak was will make me happy.  I definitely want to go back there.  We were too hungry and eager to eat our food to take pictures of it this time.

Tonight Nick and I are having a date night.  We're going to eat and then see The Prince of Persia.  I've been spending a lot of time with my girlfriends lately so it'll be nice to see him.  I'm going to wear a new dress that I got from Forever 21 and possibly my new skin tone heels.  I haven't decided what I'm wearing to the Fluer De Lys tomorrow night.  I guess it depends on the weather in the city.  I'm taking Nick to a nice dinner for his graduation.  I've been on an online shopping frenzy, so I need to stop.  It would be nice if my new dresses were here for me to wear tomorrow night.   I placed one last clothing order last night, but that's it for the month!  What am I going to do when I'm bored at work?  Window shop I guess!

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