Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seattle Here We Come!

Tomorrow Nick, Linda, Rob, and I are taking a morning flight up to Seattle for a mini vacation.  The whole thing started one day when Linda and I were talking about how we like to travel and were kind of just throwing out places we've never been.  As it turns out, neither of us have been to Seattle so we decided to plan a trip.  The boys are kind of just coming along for the ride.  After months of waiting, the date has finally arrived!  Couldn't have been better timing either.  Even though we just went on the family cruise, I still feel like I need a vacation. 

We're planning to do touristy stuff like Pikes Place Market and the Seattle Aquarium, but we're also going on a boat outing with Nick's sister branch.  He talked to some of the guys up there and they want to take us on a boat around the harbor.  It sounds like fun.  I got some Dramamine so hopefully I won't get sick, though I'll probably fall asleep.  I'm really just hoping that the water won't be choppy and I won't have to resort to taking it.

In preparation for our trip, I got myself a new camera because I was the only one in our family without a functioning camera.  I can't depend on my family to take pictures for me this time since I'm on my own!  Christopher gave me his old camera, but he has a water proof case for it that was like $200 so I didn't want to break the camera and then not be able to use the case.  It's an older camera now, so I think it would be kind of difficult to find a replacement.  I ended up getting the Canon Powershot SD1300, the same as Christopher.  He was like,  "Man, we always get the same cameras."  And I was like, "That's because we like the same thing...because we're family."   Especially now that I'm living back at home, we have even more in common.  We even make the same random sound effects when spontaneous things happen.  It's a little creepy, actually.  Anyway, so when I get back, hopefully I will have remembered to take pictures while we were there.  I definitely want to see those fishmongers throwing fish.  Maybe I'll take videos of that.

So we're off!  I'm really excited and will report back in a week. 

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