Sunday, August 31, 2014

Marbella, Spain: Day 8

Another lazy day is okay by me.  It is much more difficult to blog when you don't do anything all day.  I woke up late again this morning and headed straight to the pool with Nick and Sister. Nick ended up taking a walk on the beach with the rest of the family while Melissa and I stayed poolside.  After laying around under an umbrella for a couple of hours, I was getting pretty hungry.  We headed to one of the resort restaurants for lunch at their salad bar. 

Den standing in the Med. 

Nick's iced tea was almost double what my beer cost. 
From the salad bar I made myself two different kinds of salad.  A fully loaded up green and an Italian style pasta salad.  I was the more full after these two salads than I have been this whole trip. I had to waddle back to our room to lay down. 

Den got a pepperoni pizza.

After flopping around the apartment for a while, we got ready to head to Puerta Banus, which is only about 20 minutes away from our resort.  Puerta Banus is similar to a Rodeo Drive but on the water.  Tons of giant yatchs and fancy cars.  At one point during dinner Nick and Dennis were leaning so far out of the restaurant with their chairs tipping that you would have thought they spotted a good looking lady.  There are plenty of those around too, but they're all about the cars.

Those apartments overlooking the water must be really pricey. The beach itself was a little hot and stinky. 

Yacht after yacht after yatch. 

Not so complimentary potato salad.  The bread also cost us around $25.  Can you believe that?!  $25 for dinner bread.  I think we're going to start telling them that we don't want the appetizers since they cost an arm and a leg. 

We also have to make sure to ask for ice otherwise they don't give it to you.

That's one fancy Fanta.

Fried Calamari

Seafood soup

Muscles in wine sauce appetizer.

Salmon tartar appetizer

Garlic wine sauce clams.

Nick got the filet of Sole in a cream sauce. 

Dad got a whole fish baked in salt, but they didn't crack it open right in front of us so I was shooting through a window. 

Mom literally got a pot of mussels.
She is so pleased by the size of the pot. 

I got the spaghetti fruitti di mare. I actually thought that it was really tasty and they gave me a good amount of seafood. 

Mom did work. 
Chocolate mousse. 
There was a Lamborghini Aventador parked in front of a shop and there were literally people crowding around to take pictures of it.  Women were actually laying their leathery skin on the hood of the car.  

Den put together this collage of the women laying on the car and then Dad running up to mock them.  He didn't actually touch the car like they did, of course.
You know it's a good vacation when you find yourself saying, "I'm bored".  It's nice to slow down every once in a while, but it also means that there isn't much for me to report back.  Tomorrow will probably be about the same.  Maybe we will venture into the Old Town section of Marbella in the evening to check things out, but most of the day will be spent laying by the pool or sleeping.  It's going to be hard to go back to work and have to stay awake all day.  At least I've been catching up on my reading. Until then: Enjoy Labor Day.

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