Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The not so secret life of Allison

So I'm getting some sort of recognition/award for the volunteer work that I've been doing at the Troy YMCA. The lady asked me to write a bio about myself. This is what I had to say about myself:

A recent graduate from The University of California, Riverside, Allison has recently moved to Troy, NY with her boyfriend. With a Bachelor’s degree in English, she plans to pursue a career in the publishing community; however, for the time being she has been planning a newsletter with our Black and Latino Achiever program. Fresh out of college and a California native, her experience with life is minimal though is promising. She would like to travel the world and write many young adult fiction novels.
Allison is very close to her family. She has one brother who is currently a Freshman in high school and plays the trumpet in the school band. Like her brother she also participated in band. She played the clarinet and percussion in her school band as well as taking many years of organ and piano lessons. Along with her musical background, she practiced the sport of gymnastics for eleven years and taught throughout high school and college. She also enjoys reading, photography and scrap booking. Testing the waters or entrepreneurship, she is currently running her own scrap booking business.

Boy, don't I have an exciting life? I'm sure that they didn't want an entire autobiography, but still, how incredibly boring is this? If I was looking through a program, I don't think that I'd read this. Although there will be 500+ people at this awards ceremony so I might get bored enough to read all the bios. I asked Ed if it would be bad if I didn't go to the awards and just watched on TV. He said that I probably should go. Well guess who gets to escort me to this banquet? Edward! Muuuaaahhh ahh ahh ahh (that's my evil laugh).

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