Monday, January 22, 2007

Phone interview

Well, today I had a phone interview with Russell Sage college. It's the all girls portion of Sage Colleges. I'm applying for the job of Admissions Counselor. If I get the job it'll be a $30,000 a year plus benefits. However, the thing I'm really excited about, is that if I get this job, I get free grad school! How awesome would that be?! It'd be pretty gosh-darn cool.

I'd have to say that the interview went well and that Creative Memories might actually be helping me out a bit. The woman said that this job consists of pretty much selling the school to prospective students, and my sales experience might be helpful. I'd be going around trying to recruit girls as well as help decide who gets in or not. I'm not sure if I like the decision making part, but I guess it comes with it. I'll get to travel to nearby cities on company time and money, which is fine by me. I'll have to do some weekends and nights, but that's okay I guess. She said that I'd have to work like four weekends in the fall, so that's not so bad.

I really just hope I really just hope that I can land this job. It's right downtown so my commute, if you can call it that, would be five minutes. But man, free school. That would just be great. I'd get my degree in Literacy Education, but who cares? It's free and I'd be learn lots of cool stuff. Anywho, keep your fingers crossed that I can get an actual person-to-person interview. This was just the screening phase. My Eight Ball says that I will "Most Likely" get the job. Last night when I asked if we'd get Pippa the dog it said "Yes-definitely", so it might just be on it's positive side, but oh well.

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