Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's hot, hot, hot!

It's getting quite warm here in Troy, NY. My watch tan is back in full blast and my sweat glands are on overdrive. This week I'm working with the summer camp at the Y, which pretty much stinks. It's not as bad as School 14 where I was at last week, but I have to wake up to get to work at 8am! Boo. I only go from 8-2, but man those six hours seem so long when you're watching after 20 kindergardeners. After I get off at two, I stick around until four to do office work. When I come back from CA I'll going from 8-4, but it will be with middle schoolers. They may have big attitudes, but at least they don't tell on each other. So this week I've been very tired and my workouts have been suffering. At least with the heat and non-stop moving, I don't think that I'll gain too much weight. We'll have to see. I'm going to be out of shape all over again. Bummer.

Over the weekend Donovan and his boyfriend Tom came up to visit. They came up for Thomas' nephew's high school graduation and spent a night with us. It was a lot of fun with drink and plenty of Wii. Gay boys and Wii are an AWESOME combo. Hahaha.

Also over this time between now and my last post I got that award from the Black and Latino Achievers Program. It was a stuffy dinner that Edward and I did not enjoy that much. We left early because it really wasn't out thing. Here are a couple of pictures from that night.

And of course, I have to post some pictures of my little Emmy.

Our little elephant. Now we know what she's going to be for Halloween next year.
Mmmm... Milk.
I'm a spoiled little doggy. I have two chickens!

P. S. 24 days before the last Harry Potter book comes out!

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