Monday, June 11, 2007

Wow, it's been a while

So it's been a while since I last posted. This is what has been going on:

  1. We went to NYC to visit some of Ed's relatives. While we were there a biker ran into the back of my car and popped a whole in my rear light and dented my trunk. That must have really hurt. We also went around the city to see the sites. Of course I wanted to go see a musical, but they were a little too expensive for us on that particular weekend. Next time maybe. We sat at Battery Park for a while to look at the Upper New York Bay and Statue of Liberty. It was quite romantic and movie-like.
  2. I've been working at the Y quite a bit lately. I've also been working out a lot since I have three weddings this summer/fall. So far I've lost four pounds, which is on top of gaining muscle weight. I am very happy about that. I go in every day before I work. Since it's in the same building, I have no excuse to not go.
  3. I've also been working with some high school guys who are pretty cool. We actually hang out outside of work. They're both going to RPI next year.
  4. I found out that I was accepted to The College of Saint Rose, which is a pretty good school around here. I'm still waiting to hear from RPI. I really want to go to RPI since it's a bigger name, right across the street and offers a PhD. But at least I know that I'm going some where. Saint Rose is only about 20 minutes away and I'd be doing Creative Writing. At RPI I'd be doing research on ways to make reading more fun for children. Either way, I think that I'd be getting a good education.
  5. Last weekend I went back to LA for Juni's bridal shower. It was very nice and quaint. The lady who threw it was from Louisiana so there were doilies and fine silver. I had never been to one like that, but it was a lot of fun. As always, I at a TON of food and I got to hang out with all of the other bridesmaids. It's a good thing that I've been working out because they're all like twigs! It was a long trip, but I think it was worth it. It was nice seeing her again. We talked like we haven't even been apart. My mom says that a sign of real friends. It makes me sad that Juni's moving to Japan only 12 days after her wedding. I'm happy for her, but sad for myself.

  6. This past weekend the Y had a Member Appreciation day. We made bird feeders out of old water bottles. It was fun, but my partner who is one of the high school guys, had to go do face painting right when it got really busy. When I had finally gotten someone to get him to come back the crowd had gone away and I looked like I was crazy. One of the moms laughed because I had told her that everyone would disappear right when he got back. I was right.
  7. I have good news. I've quit my internship today. I only had five weeks left, but my writing was going down the drain and fast. I don't have any desire to do any type of writing at all. My Uncle Doug asked me to write him a personal statement for my cousin Erika's prospective school and I still haven't done it because of lack of motivation. It sucked. So now I feel free as a bird. Woo Hoo!
  8. Emmy also had her first swim lessons. She didn't enjoy them much. We pretty much had to throw her in the pond. At least she was cool in the spring heat.

  9. I've also watch the entire season of Brothers and Sisters on within the last couple of weeks. It's quite a good show.
Well I think that's all folks! If I think of anything else I'll try to post it. I know I haven't been to good about this lately, but I've been pretty busy and that internship made me not want to do any sort of writing. I'll try to keep up. I've also started looking at my Myspace again (though I don't know how long that'll last) and I've started a Facebook (same applies for this one too). TTFN!


Abigail said...

Yay! Congrats on getting into schools, that awesome. So you're going for your Ph.D?

Abigail said...
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