Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm P'ed right now

So I went to work today so that I could get an hours worth of work in...and to make my billions of photo copies. Right after I walked in and clocked in the Big Boss (executive director), we'll call her BB, asked me if I could work at some of the school sites that the Y does. These are seperate after school programs from the program that I'm running.
I was like, "no, I have too much school work to do that."
So BB was like "Well then how is your 21st program going to work?"
I was like, "well I'm only going to be working two hours a day Mon-Thurs and now I'm doing the scheduling and stuff before the program starts."
Then BB was like "Well I'd rather have you at a site than doing paperwork here for two hours. You can do paperwork on Saturdays at home and I'll pay you for it. We're really hurting for people here." And then she listed off a bunch of people who aren't working for the Y anymore. Then she said that my boss was even worried about if she would have enough staff, especially if my hours aren't flexible. Then she said "Other people are stepping up from other departments."
And then I thought to myself, I don't even have time to come in for a good three hour block during the week, what makes you think that I can work for the Y on Saturdays during my own time? And I don't have time to be stepping up for your lack of staff.
I was like, "well it all depends on my workload. I got most of my writing done so that's why I'm in right now. It just depends on how much homework I have to do."
Then she was like, "So you basically don't want to do the school sites."
And was like "Yeah." So then she wasn't to happy. I don't know what her educational background is, but grad school is a lot harder than I thought.

I went back into my little closet of an office and did my copies and talked to my cousin JenJen and was telling her about how dumb this whole thing is. While I was in the back I started to feel a little guilty about not "stepping up" when everyone else was so I went back out and talked to the secretary, who we will call S, and was like, "I just don't want to commit myself because my workload is pretty hefty." Basically, I just don't want to let anyone down, but good golly, school comes first.
S was like "I totally understand. Just write your hours down and put them on my desk." Needless to say that made me feel a little better. So I went back to my room and wrote something like this down:

My hours are limited from Mon-Wed because it depends on how much homework I have. You can call me, but I can't guarantee anything. Thurs and Fri. are better for me, but even then I can only work 2-2.5 hours. Other than 21st century, I don't want to commit myself to anything because I do have school.

I figured this would make them feel better, but also leave me with no more than 2.5 hours. Since I was still a little peeved and my copies were done, I was like forget this, I'm going home to see my Emmy. On the five minute ride home I got more and more worked up. I started talking to JenJen again about how dumb it is. I was like the reason why I can do 21st century because I'm committed to it. I'm not committed to the other school sites. And JenJen was like, well did you tell the BB that school come first? I was like, no, but I told my boss that, and she's known it since the beginning and seems to be fine with it.
So I think I'm going to be talking to my boss to tell her what's up. Also that she doesn't have to worry about me just getting up and leaving. She'd really have to tick me off before that happens. I just don't want to be guilt tripped into working when I have other things to concentrate on. I think that the Y has a misconception on the importance of school because a lot of people work full time there and go to school part time. I'm obviously not one of those work comes first gals and I think they're learning that. I get all the work that they need done, so they can't really complain.

I was telling JenJen that I think I did this all to myself though because when I first started with the Y I was very available and wanted to help out a lot. Now that I don't have as much time and can't help I'm getting myself in trouble. Oh well. At least I'm not upset anymore. I told JenJen that I'd be fine in half and hour and I was right. I get upset easily, but at least it doesn't last long. Anyways, I think that I my venting session has helped and now I'm going to go eat my lunch and watch Rachael Ray. Toodles.

*Sorry if you read this when I first published this post on my site. I was upset when I was writing and my mind was going faster than my fingers could type, which is saying a lot since I think that I can type pretty quickly. So now I've gone back and done some editing, but there are still no promises for perfection.

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