Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yesterday was a good day

Yesterday was a very good day. I actually woke up early because Emmy had to go to the bathroom and I couldn't fall back to sleep. So while I was making breakfast, our friend Katie called to see if we wanted to go apple picking with some friends. I had said that I wanted to go while we were at Color Me Mine on Thursday and it was nice that she remembered. Since Edward's stomach can't really handle many apples, we didn't actually pick any apples, but we did pick raspberries and a little pumpkin for Emmy. Their pumpkin patch with big pumpkins was pretty sad looking. The place had already harvested all of the good pumpkins and was selling them out front at their store. We spent a few hours there and got to try out Apple Cider donuts, which are pretty good, but not really worth going all the way over there just for that. It was fun though and nice to go out with friends.

After we got back I pretty much took a nap from 3-6 and then we went to RPI's womens hockey. Ed was so excited for the game even though the women aren't nearly as fun to watch as the men. When we got home we were invited to go back to Katie's place for apple pie and an apple bunt cake that her bf Steve made. They were both really awesome. We played some Wii and I got a kick out of one of the Turkish guys that was there. I don't think that he liked me laughing at him much, but I was having fun. We left fairly early and I got to watch the rest of the Ugly Betty season and Edward played Resident Evil 4. It was a very unproductive day school wise, but it was quite a bit of fun. Besides, that's what are Sundays for.

Emmy sitting on Great Grandpa Levie's recliner (the most comfortable chair we own).

Sorry, just turn your head. I'm sure that your coworkers will laugh, but at least you'll be able to see the pictures. The couple is Katie and Steve, the people that invited us along.

Emmy's pumpkin.

Yay! The picture thing is fixed. Too bad the video uploads don't work well for me. That would be great.