Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting my health on!

It's been two days since I started this new bill of health, which is a nicer way to say I'm on a diet. I've adopted my dad's yogurt and banana lunch plan. Hopefully it will last. When I got home yesterday I was starving and quite grumpy, but am going to try to stick with it. Once my body adjusts to healthy food and not Hot Pockets or greasy chimichangas, I think I will be okay. It took me a week or so to get used to eating non-fatty home cooked meals last year when we decided to stop eating out so much. Even if I ate a good sized portion of home-cooked food, I didn't feel full because there wasn't enough fat in the meal. I did seem to slim down a bit and saved money.

Along with eating better, I started walking in place and doing aerobic exercises while watching TV. I don't watch as much TV as I was since school has started again, but I'm trying to exercise at least twice a week. This weekend I bought little two pound weights to hold while jumping around the house. I felt like such a sissy walking around Target with them because they had little handles so that if you accidentally let go while running you don't take someone out with them and because they are pink. They aren't cool magenta or hot pink, they're light pink. Sissy pink.

We were dog sitting this weekend for Josie the Celery dog and she was looking at me like I was a loony when I was do my grape vines and pumping my arms with my little pink weights. I felt just as crazy. The other day I was able to walk and run in place for an hour while watching HGTV, but with the weights I could only do 10 minutes. Eek. I need to get in shape. I Netflixed Denise Austin's "Shrink Your Female Fat Zones". As silly as the name sounds, it is what caught my attention and made me put it in my queue. I have to send back the chick flick that I haven't had time to watch so that I can start shrinking!

This is basically the start of me trying to be healtier. I've gone back to my vitamin taking. I finally brought them down to the office so that I can have them with my coffee. I'm not sure if taking vitamins with coffee is good, but it is the way that I remember them. I've noticed that I have lost my double chin since coming back to Troy. I suspect it is because I don't eat nearly as much as when I'm home. We hardly snack and though I like to bake, I tend not to eat what I do. Those logs of salami my mom always has in the fridge was bringing me down. They tasted so good! Last week while Edward and I were grocery shopping the lady packing our bags said "You guys are so nutricious! There's not a single cookie or chip in here!" I am quite proud of the fact that we don't eat that much junk. Our cart was filled with veggies and meat so that I could do my normal Sunday prep for the week. What the lady didn't know was that I had every intention to go home and make cranberry muffins, which I actually ran out of time to make, but then made chocolate chip cookies a few days later.

I also came to the conclusion that Wii Fit is decieivng. Upon returning to Troy I was asked to sub for a late-night soccer game with my old team (I have class when their games are so I didn't sign up this semester). After five minutes of running my lungs felt like they were going to burn a whole through my chest. I'm so out of shape! Wii Fit apparently doesn't do as much as I thought. ...I still am searching for it though.

We will have to see if my new lunch and exercise plan stick around, but if my dad can do it, then I can do it. However, you won't see me going on 600 mile bike rides any time soon.


The Bowers! said...

I was just at Target and bought 2 green 2-pound weights for only $1 each. They had all sorts of colors, even sissy pink. =)

Updates on Allison said...

The sissy pink ones were the only ones that had the little handle straps. I didn't want to get too enthusiastic about exercising and accidentally throw one at the TV.