Thursday, January 08, 2009

How time flies

Well, I've been home for almost a month now, but it feels like I've only been here a week. As always, I'm dreading going back. While I was here I had a great time even though I had to work the whole time. Christmas, ice skating, New Years, meeting with friends, Gualala, and hanging out really makes time go by quickly.

For Christmas we met with both the Chin and Chew sides of the family like always. This year the Levie's and Emmy joined us with the Chew side. I did most of the cooking and am obviously still learning since most of my stuff wasn't salty enough and fairly tasteless.

The big Chin family

The Levie's at our house for Christmas

We got mom a digital camera for Christmas and this is the picture she sees everytime she turns it on...just in case she forgets who gave it to her. I laughed so hard after seeing this picture that it kicked up my asthma.

Right after Christmas we had our annual ice skating day. Unfortunately, I was unable to join the skating festivities, but my mom and I went out to join everyone for dinner at Buca di Beppo. A couple of days after Buca, I went to a sleep over at my Auntie May's new house with Josie, Jennifer, Kimi and Patti. We had a lot of fun. I haven't had so much fun in a long time. We went out to sushi, played games and watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, which is also a book by Ann Brashares whom I admire greatly.

Patti, Josie, Kimi, me, and JenJen getting ready to watch the movie.

A week later we had New Years Eve at our house with Edward, Julie, Davie, our college friend Tim, and my high school friends, Bonnie and Abby. I made fajitas and chimichuri chicken from one of Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals cook book that my Uncle David gave me. It was all very, very tasty. The whole party thanks you Uncle David! (If anyone wants the recipes, I can post them.) Then my family had dinner with the Chew side. We had tons of yummy seafood. Christopher and I were very happy campers. Next, we went up to Gualala to visit Davie's family. We all had a great time except that Emmy kept fighting with the other doggies because she thinks she's tough. I also got car sick on the way back down to Concord, which wasn't fun. Other than that, it was a great weekend.

So now I have two days left at home. Boo! I think this vacation was pretty action packed and I managed to get a lot out of it even though I had to work the whole time. I guess being a working girl isn't so bad. Then again, I do work from home and can see my family all the time while doing so. I'll take what I can get!

I have a new update on school. I won't be finishing until the end of May instead of the beginning. Signing up for classes this semester has been tricky business. When I first signed up for classes I didn't know that I couldn't take the same intro to writing class twice. In the beginning we could take the intro writing class twice because there weren't enough writing classes offered. They changed their regulations so that we can take two of the same genre specific classes twice and not intro. This worked out fine in the beginning because then I was able to take Fiction Writing twice. However, for this semester I signed up for the intro class but then was later informed that I couldn't take it. By the time I was told, all of the classes were taken. My only choice was to go into Irish Literature. Even though it's probably a good class, I was not very happy about this. The reading list that the professor sent out didn't seem that bad. Trying to save a little money, I ordered my books online. While doing this I realized that I hadn't paid my tuition so I called the school and found out that it was due that day and I could pay online. I usually get my bill and schedule in the mail, but since I've been home I didn't get it. I've never been able to find our bills online at St. Rose before because they have a horribly set up website. It took me half an hour to find it. When I did find it, it also showed me my schedule. Lo and behold, I was over booked and now I was registered for Poetry and Irish Lit at the same time. So I had all of the books for Irish Lit, but wasn't going to keep the class. I figured they had switched the days or something. I vaguely remember someone mentioning it, or maybe I dreamed it. Anyway, I frantically called my adviser and told her what had happened and also sent her an email. While I was freaking out, I tried to cancel all of the 14 book orders I had placed. I was only successful with two. So now I'm going to have 12 books that I don't necessarily need. I might sell them back, but I might just keep them. Hehe. Anyway, so when I finally got hold of my adviser, we came to the conclusion that it would be better for me to take two classes this semester and then take my last class during the summer. She also said that no classes were changed, but the registrar's office shouldn't have let me over book anyway. I could have sworn I had TWR classes, oh well. There was only one other class that I was eligible for and it was full as well as being a literature class. Only five classes are offered at a time because the school is so small. I am currently enrolled in two classes. Irish lit conflicted and I can't that Intro Writing. That only left one option, which was not a good one. The summer class is a three week long non-fiction writing class that I wanted to take but wasn't sure if I could after I graduated. My classmates raved about it last summer so I figured I would go out with a bang and get as much writing experience as I can. My adviser thought it was a good idea too. Instead of finishing up in the beginning of May, I'll be done at the end of it. It's not too bad I guess. At least I don't have to take another stuffy literature class. Those things suck the life out of reading. I'm already enrolled in one lit class, American Fiction, which sounds really good. I also have Poetry writing. By the time I do graduate I will have taken Fiction, Poetry, Intro, and Non-fiction writing. I'm happy about that because I think my writing will be more well-rounded from learning all of the genres than if I didn't take the summer class. Hopefully it will make this semester easier since I'll only be going part time.

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