Friday, May 01, 2009

Ed's BBQ

This weekend is Edward's bday. We are planning a BBQ tomorrow. This is the menu:

grilled portobello mushrooms & mozzarella
brined chicken drumsticks
veggie kababs
wedge salad w/ blue cheese dressing
potato salad
apple harvest pound cake w/ caramel glaze (has nuts)
I'm going to be making a trip out to the wholesale store to get as much stuff as I can. Tonight will be a night of chopping veggies for the kababs, wedging iceberg lettuce, brining chicken, making cake, and making homemade blue cheese dressing. I also want to make my own salsa so that it will be nice and spicy, but we'll see how much energy I have after doing all of this plus cleaning the bathroom, dust, and finishing laundry. (I may delegate dusting to Edward, but he already has poop scooping and light bulb changing duty.) I will try to take pictures of the food tomorrow, but it is difficult when hungry people are hovering around the table like starved wolves. By the time we get everything on the table things are missing!

I also need to get my final paper done for American Lit. I've been putting off this paper for so long. I think I have about six pages so far, but very little support for my theories. Adding support is always nice because I can put in block quotes that take up major space. I also just found out that the font Courier is MLA approved. It adds like three pages to your paper, but it's so obvious when you do it. Hehe. That is a last resort tactic. I also learned that block quotes are supposed to be double spaced. For some reason I thought that they were single spaced. Apparently most of the people in my class thought so too. MLA is so complicated and frustrating. So now I can add double spaced block quotes that are also taken an inch in at both margins. Sweet! 15 pages may not be that hard after all.

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The Bowers! said...

Good luck on your paper! And I can't wait to see pictures of your food. You menu sounds so good...