Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping Excursion

This weekend I went on a little shopping spree with my friend Cara. I got a good amount of stuff for a reasonable price. I noticed after examining everything that I got two of everything. Two dresses, two shirts, two pairs of shorts, and two pairs of shoes. I only spent $45 of my own money, but used our (the Chin family's...meaning my mom pays for it) Old Navy card for most of the clothes. They had one of those 20% off Stuff It bags, but I didn't get a coupon in the mail. So at the register I asked about the bag/coupon that was supposed to be mailed to me and the woman said that she'd give me the discount since I did have a credit card with them. I explained to her that we have a joint account and all of the billing and coupons go to our home address. She wouldn't let me use a gift card and then put the balance on the credit card. So, I spent a fair amount of money at Old Navy. Thank you Mommy :). For the record, I have been paying for my own clothing lately and haven't used the Old Navy card for almost a year.

From Old Navy:

I got these in silver in the clearance section.

Imagine this shirt in without the beads in bright blue and one in a darker purple. I think the sleeves of my shirts have a little more flowiness to them too. I couldn't find the exact shirt on the ON website.

I got one pair in this navy blue color and one in gray.

The length actually fits!

Forever 21 dress for $15.50:

The length of this dress is very good also.

Madden Girl Mary Jane's from DSW:

These are very comfortable. I've been wearing them all day and I even walked to work and the bank. The only thing is that I just found the online for $19.99 and I paid $29.23 after tax. They were even 30% off in the store on the clearance rack! I guess after tax and shipping from that particular website it would have been about the same, but I think that it would have been slightly less.

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