Monday, August 17, 2009

DC Trip to visit Josie

This past weekend I went down to DC to visit Josie and Del. It was a lot of fun but sooooo hot. We did the touristy stuff, but breezed right through since I've already been there and was going to visit Josie and not the museums. The first day (Friday) I was really tired because I didn't sleep the night before. My flight was at 6am so I had to be at the airport at 5am. I didn't see a point in going to sleep so I just stayed up all night. I slept a little bit on the plane, but the ride was only 50 minutes so I didn't get much shut eye. When I got there we went to the Smithsonian, but it wasn't opened yet. Josie and I sat on some benches and commented about the runners and how it was too warm to be running. After going through the Smithsonian we went back out and sat on the benches for another hour. We had a nice view of the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument from our bench and of the even crazier noontime runners. After vegging out on the bench for a while, we mustered up the energy to take come cheesy pictures with the Washington Monument and then walk to the Federal Reserve building to have lunch with Del. On our walk we passed by the Washington Monument, the WWII memorial, and the Reflection Pool. It was too hot to go and take pictures so there are none of those. I was literally walking with my hands on my hips to air out my underarms. I just hope no one was behind me! After lunch Del showed us around his office and then we got to go see the board room where all the big decisions get made. I think that was the best part of the touring. I thought it was pretty cool that we got to sit in the chairs and pretend that we were important.

Sitting on the bench being hot and sweaty.

At the Natural History Museum

The Federal Reserve
These are a little blurry because we had the flash off so that we wouldn't disturb anything or anyone. Now that I think about it we probably could have had the flash on since news photographers are in there all the time and probably use their flashes. Oh well it's still cool anyway.

The Jefferson Memorial
The Washington Memorial

Bread lines at FDR memorial.

The FDR Memorial
One of the first times that I went to China my dad and I took a picture when we vistied the Terracotta Army. He posed on his knee with a tough face on like one of the warriors and I sat on one of the kneeling soldier's lap. That started my sitting on statues while picture taking. The last time we went to China with my mom's side of the family I sat on a statue of a director at the Hong Kong Harbor. In this picture I'm sitting on FDR and joked that it's like I'm sitting on Santa's lap.

Are we hams or what?

On Saturday we were planning on going kayaking or to the zoo, but I woke up a little to late to go to the zoo and Josie and Del were sore so we didn't go kayaking. Instead we went to the outlet mall and shopped for five hours. We couldn't believe that we shopped that long! After that we went to the Costco that is connected to the outlet mall and bought a premarinated pork roast for dinner. It was very tasty. A few of Del's cousins came over and we had a nice salad with poppy seed dressing, homemade garlic and oregano croutons, homemade garlic bread, and the pork. It was quite good.

Then on Sunday I got to sleep in while Josie and Del went to church. They came back for me and we had lunch at a Peruvian chicken place before going out the Sports Authority and TJ Maxx. Hehe, I got some cute stuff on this trip! After shopping we went to play ultimate frisbee with church people and then out to pho, which I was very happy about. Josie stayed on the side and held two of the players' baby and got eaten alive by mosquitos. Last week I had some pretty nasty bites so I've been carrying around a stick of Cortizone with me. Luckily for her I still had it in my bag. She got like eight bites! I have two, but neither of them are as bad as hers. Anyway, we played frisbee for like, two and a half hours and now I'm super sore. When I first woke up I wasn't sore at all, but now that it's been 24 hours, I'm feeling it. I had made a comment that I had never hung out with so many Asian people who I'm not related to. It was weird to meet another Chin! It was even weirder that he is Del's cousin! I acatually think I met him at the wedding, but I didn't know his last name was Chin also. I had never seen the monuments at night so after dinner we headed out to see the Jefferson and FDR memorials. We drove by the Lincoln, but didn't know where to park so didn't go up to it. I wasn't too upset about it because it was still pretty muggy outside and we were all sweaty and dirty. I also wanted to have time watch High School Musical with Josie.

This morning I left DC to come back to Troy before leaving for Concord on Friday. My flight was at 9:40am so we planned on leaving Josie's place at 8:40am. She knocked on the door at 6:17am asking if I was awake.

Josie: Are you awake?
Me: Huhhh? It's 6 o'clock.
Josie: No it's not. It's eight.
Me: (squinting at my cell phone because I'm tired and don't have my glasses on.) My phone say 6:17.
Josie: It does? (she walks away and then comes back) Oh, you're right. Okay.

I'm surprised she even understood me since I usually don't make any sense when I'm tired. I guess her clock went wonky and flipped ahead two hours because Del's clock said that it was 6:17 also. Oh man, that was early. All in all, it was a great trip and I should have taken it earlier. I didn't realize that the flight was literally only 50 minutes!

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