Saturday, August 01, 2009

Packed the closet

Today I packed up the closet and only have a little bit of clothes left out for the next month. I didn't tie up the bags incase I needed something, but I'm going to try to only use what I have left out. I haven't really been packing much because I was finding that I had to pull stuff back out to use again. It was frustrating so I just stopped until it got closer to move day. I realized last night that I only have 20 days left in Troy. It makes me a little sad, though I won't be saying that come winter rolls around. I will be driving with a friend across the country starting the 21st of August, so I need to get a move on the packing. Even though most of my scrapbooking stuff is stored neatly in boxes and shelves, I totally got overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have. I have a lot of everything! ( I chose to ignore the scrapbooking corner for today. Maybe I'll close up all of those boxes tomorrow.) Can you believe that I have an entire Hefty bag full of high heels? I didn't count how many pair I packed on purpose. I'm even getting rid of four or five pairs. I think I probably took better care of the shoes than anything else. I packed each pair in a grocery bag and then put them in the Hefty. I also have an entire bag full of tennis shoes. Now there's actually room in the mud room for Ed's shoes. It looks normal in there now. Before it looked like there was an entire family's worth of shoes in there but they were all mine! Maybe I need to downsize, but I really like them all and plan to wear them. So two hours later, the shoes are done and the closet is pretty much ready for me to pack up and go. Now for the rest of the house!

This doesn't even look like it's my closet! Though I have a feeling that this is what a normal person's closet looks more like. Hahah. I actually went back to a blog post from when I moved in and the closet looks very similar. I haven't been able to see the ugly floor of the closet for years.

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