Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back on track...hopefully

This week I've actually been waking up before my normal 10:45am shuffle to the bathroom before my daily conference call at 10:50.  Nick and I decided that we are going to try to wake up before work to go on walks and runs in our respective neighborhoods.  I started exercising last week by power walking about 3 miles around New Hall Park and am already starting to see a difference in my legs and rump.  Nick's area is much more hilly and difficult, but he lives too far away for me to go over there to work out.  Plus, I absolutely detest having to drive somewhere to work out.  We did try to work out together a couple of times, but that didn't really work.  He likes to run whereas I like to walk (though I do walk rather quickly, faster than my jog actually).  So he would run, get tired and walk so then I'd breeze by him and he'd start running again.  I think it's better if we exercise on our own since we clearly have different paces, but we're using each other as motivation to get up and do it.  Now I get up at 9:15 so that I can get out and be back by 10:30 for stretching and toning.  Even though I'm waking up earlier, the walk helps give me energy to carry on the day.  However, if I'm feeling a little tired, my mom bought me a single cup coffee maker so I can rely on that for a boost of energy.  Though, after I have lunch it just goes down hill from there.  I get so sleepy.  Today I sat at my desk for a minute with my eyes closed until someone called.  Maybe it was shorter than a minute, but it helped.  We'll see how long this exercising stint holds up.  Hopefully longer than my grand ideas about going to the gym, which I've now canceled the membership to.

This weekend is going to be packed.  Tomorrow (Friday), I will be heading out to Orinda to watch Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing at Cal Shakes with Bonnie and Abby.  I'm really excited.  Even though Bonnie and I froze our rumps off last time watching Macbeth, it was absolutely amazing.  I'm sold on Cal Shakes now.  Plus, it does help that it's only $25 for people under 30.  Hehehe.  Cheap entertainment is great.  Then on Saturday my family will be heading back out to the city for Justin and Katelyn's birthday party.  That should be fun.  Auntie Marvel, make lumpia!  And then teach me how to make it!

On Sunday Nick and I are planning to go to Bouchon and wine tasting with our friends Frank, Jenelle, Rob, and Linda.  At first it was questionable if Rob was going to come with us, but Linda informed me that they got him a little portable radio so that he could listen to the Giants game.  Hahahah, ah, what dedicated fans will do.  So we're all heading out to Napa to go and do some tasting.  Mrs. Ryan has been working at this vineyard called Consentino, it's her favorite.  She will be pouring on Sunday so we're going to go see her.  I've had Consentino wine before, but wasn't that big of a fan because it was a chardonnay and I don't enjoy it that much.  Hopefully they have a good riesling or pinot gregio.  We are also going to a place called Sequoia Grove, which I've never been to but Frank and Jenelle like. The third place we'll be going to is Mumm's to get some champagne.  Nick and I met while I was swigging the stuff at Frank and Jenelle's wedding (I was nervous to be set up).  It's our one year anniversary next week and we'll be going to Monterey I wanted to go pick up a bottle from the winery since they don't sell the champagne that we had at the wedding in stores.  This was our original intent, to just go up and grab a bottle and maybe taste some others, but then it snowballed into the lunch and wine tasting day that it is now.  The more the merrier!  I'll have Nick all to myself when I whisk him off to the aquarium.  Muaahahah.

In other news, Cal wiped the floor with UCLA last weekend.  Nick and I made lunch and watched the game...then fell asleep.  I think I spent more time sleeping last Saturday than I did awake.

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