Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spinach, Spam, and Cheese Fritatas: February 23, 2012

Because I ate four slices of Costco pizza for lunch I didn't actually eat any of these.  Our chicken wasn't defrosted so I started pulling things out of the fridge after my jog with Emmy.  This is what I came up with.  (Nick made his own hashbrowns).  Since I didn't eat them, I don't really know what they tasted like, but Nick said that they were heavy for being so small.  They serve their purpose.  Full of nutrients and filling.


In other news,  my lunch breaks and nights have been taken up with the task of refinishing my cabinets.  A coworker had turned me on to one of those Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kits.  I've been working on them for about three weeks now even though the instructions say that they can be done in a day or weekend.  Pfft.  I have a tarp down in my guest room so that I can only paint a few cabinet doors at a time.  It's a slow process and I'm sure if you had a garage to do it in you could actually get it done in the time frame that they claim.  In my circumstance, however, it isn't feasible.  (I can only paint four doors at a time.)  I can only imagine how long it would take to do a normal sized kitchen as mine is the size of a bathroom.  Granted, half the kitchen is cabinet space and the fridge.  The process is almost done now and I've reinstalled the hardware to my kitchen drawers.  I'm very pleased with my handy work.  And for those of you who are wondering, "Did Nick help?"  The answer is no.  Like many of my other large projects, I didn't want him to help me do the bulk of the work though he did offer.  I think it's a pride thing.  He'll have to help me with putting the doors back up since I won't be able to hold them in place and screw in the hinges at the same time.  I will take numerous pictures when I'm done.  My goal is this weekend, but we will see. 

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