Friday, August 25, 2006

A day in the life...

Today I had my second part of my training for the project. It was not nearly as gruesome as the first day. Basically, all we did was go over some of the points that she had made with me previously and then test those out. I'm really glad that I wrote down all of the things that we went over the first day. The notes sure came in handy for today. After tonight, she unleashed me to the game. Now I get to wander around the prison (in the game) and find empty rooms that I want to describe.

At first I did not know how the whole role playing game worked. I was asking the trainer how the players graphics turned out after we made these detailed descriptions of the rooms. She told me that the game is text-based so that the players just read it all. So basically, everything that I see, they see. Let me tell you, this screen is dead boring. No wonder I never played games as a kid. I asked her what age group this game was aimed for. She informed me that it was aimed for all ages, though they were legally pg-13 rated. I have to say, when my parents heard that it is a text-based game for teenagers they laughed at me. My brother, who is 14, hates to read. I doubt that if this game ever fully hits the market, that it won't sell well. No graphics and a ton of reading? It's like a punishment game for kids.

At least for me this is a great opportunity for me to hone my describing skills. She gave me so many good ideas. If all else fails, use your senses to describe the room. I've noticed that before in novels, but have never thought of writing like that myself. When writing the layout of the room, I'm going to have to give the player the feeling of the room without telling them that they should feel scared. How fun does that sound? I'm excited because I'm finally stoked over a job and it's all volunteer! I really hope this good feelings last when I'm running low on the cash.

Besides the training I didn't do much today. I woke up at 1:30 and the hung around my house all day. The only time I actually saw the sunlight was when I was packing pots to send to Edward. There was some excitement last night though. After I made a belated anniversary dinner for my parents I had a few glasses of wine. Feeling nice and confident, I imed Denise to say hello. Well, the hard feelings are still there. I immediately called up Juni. Out of sheer coincidence, she had some wine as well. So we were all fired up to see what Denise had to say about our failed friendship. By the end she had contradicted herself and I’m beginning to think that she doesn’t even know why she’s mad at us anymore. Both of us thought that this was quite amusing since neither of us are good arguers and she is. Well better than us anyways. So in the end Juni and I finally got our closure even if Denise had gotten over it a long time ago.

After that whole fiasco, Juni and I talked for a while about her plans for her wedding and relocation to Japan. I found out that she really does want me to write a speech for the reception. She isn't doing a lot of the traditional stuff, like the bouquet toss for one, but she wants that damn speech. So after we hung up, I started writing it. The thing would have only taken me half an hour, but since I was crying the whole time I doubled my estimation time. I don't know how it's going to be at her actual wedding. Hopefully it will go through so many drafts that I'll be so sick of it that I'll get up there and say it just to get it over with. Needless to say, I think that makeup scientists had weddings in mind when they created waterproof mascara.

I reviewed my resume today and had to add in my internship as well as Project Legilimensia. If anyone needs any help with job stuff this is a great site. This site is where I post and they have awesome resources. I'm going to ask for help on beefing up my resume later tonight.

Have a great day.

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