Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My first day of training

Today was my first training. The girl who trained me is very nice, but I feel like an entire manual was stuffed in my brain. She informed me that since working on this project she has learned four different languages. We had talk some more and then it dawned on me to ask her what kind of languages, computer or foreign. She said computer. I was hoping that she meant foreign. I hope that I don't have to learn a bunch of languages too. All the codes that we have to put in, though simple to some, are not for me. I had to write down every single command word for word just so that I would remember everything. She did make me smile though when I successfully wrote the command to have an 'echo' appear in the game. She said that I was her first trainee to master it on the first try. That boosted my confidence a little.

I'm pretty excited about actually begining to write though. After reading some of the descriptions that others have written I'm quite enthusiastic about working for this project. They have very detailed guidelines that you have to follow for the descriptions. We have to focus on the room as a whole rather than specific objects in the room, though you do have to make 'extended descriptions' for any object that you happen to mention in the main description. It probably would have helped if I played role-playing games in my youth, or even now. Games really aren't my thing. Even watching people play puts me to sleep.

The game itself isn't fully public yet, only the first part has been release to a selective few, but with all the work that is being put in it, there should be a good pay off. I'm just not sure who that pay off is rewarded to. I asked my trainer if we get compensated at the end if this game indeed goes public and her response was "what, besides immortality and ultimate power?" That wasn't really what I was expecting. I guess for now the experience with writing and this code stuff is really what counts. I'm guessing that in the end my name will be in the credits for writers so that I can use this project as a good reference for my resume. Even if this game never goes public, I can use this experience on my resume, right? I'm guessing so, because this is the most interesting writing job, and the most complicated, that I've had. I actually get to tap into my creative writing abilities. Hopefully I'll make my professors proud.

Other than that, today I woke up late again and then ran some errands. Nothing interesting really. Michael's is having a sale on their stickers which I swooped down on like an owl catching field mouse. They also had a set of four corkboards for $11 something that I think I might invest in for my new digs. I also got this cool spaghetti cooker/plastic container thing (this even has an online demo) from the "As Seen On TV" store as well as the broom/brush/squeegee thing. I'm hoping the broom thing is a good investment for our wood floors I'm also contemplating getting that rack of Tupperware, but am still undecided. I know all you guys care so much about what I buy, but it gives me a kick. Heehehe. Anyhoo, I'm off to write one of my stories now. Take care.

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