Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Trying this out

Hello all. After Austin kept trying to get me to make a blog I finally caved. I can't guarantee that this blog will go on for more than a month because they never seem to work with me. I forget or get lazy and nothing ever comes of it. I also can't guarantee that there will be the best grammar or spelling and I usually forgo the usage of capitals.

Today was pretty uneventful. My mom and I took Christopher, my brother, to his walk through for school and bought him new shoes. He cares about close as much as I do about earthworms. I swear that if you ask him if he likes a certain style he just shrugs his shoulder and makes a weird grunting noise. It's quite frustrating actually. After that I tried to sign on to that SimpleMU program I'm supposed to use for the Harry Potter game I'm working for. I hate computers. I signed up and everything, carefully following my contact's instructions. Then it kicked me off because I was idle for more than three minutes, so when I tried to log on with my username it kept asking for my name. I was sitting in front of the stupid hunk of plastic inserting my name a whole bunch of times but the stupid command kept coming up. I never figured it out. It was like the time I was trying to get my Beauty and the Beast program running on DOS. Commands can kiss my ass. I applied to be a writer not a weird program user. The worst part is, is that tomorrow I have my first meeting with the lady who is supposed to train me. If I can't get on then how am I supposed to train? Good-ness this program is a pain.

Computers and Allison don't mix.

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