Monday, August 28, 2006

Here's a little more of Bob

This short section actually took me longer than I thought it would. I was trying to incorporate Austin's post while not fully copying it. It was also a little difficult because I wanted you guys to recognize that College Indy is supposed to be a cartoon version of Austin in a semi-Indiana Jones outfit. I was hoping that the buzzed cut and backpack would do it...and the large teeth, but that was just to make the character goofier. I'm probably going to change this part quite a bit in the future. I'm not quite happy with it right now, but it's alright for a first draft. I made some minor changes to the beginning part of the story, but they aren't significant enough for me to repost the whole thing. Let me know what you think of this.

Untitled 8/28-06

Bob took the newspaper and looked at the black and white rows of funnies. A little man with large teeth brandishing a whip and computer paper was giving a menacing stare at the fax. His buzzed cut hair and backpack made him look like a student who had accidentally stepped halfway into a time warp. In addition to the whip and backpack, the cartoon was wearing a Safari hat hanging off the back of his neck and ropes slung around his shoulders. This guy was a regular Indiana Jones meets college kid look alike! Bob blinked at the newspaper. He had never known that comic strips held so much creativity.
College Indy took creeping steps to the fax machine and tentatively pressed the power button. Balloons of sound erupted from the machine causing the adventure hero to jump back and hold up his whip. With the caution of a nervous cat, College Indy approached the fax machine again and sent his message. After a long silence of empty balloons, College Indy began to walk backwards out of the small copy room, not taking his eyes off of the machine. A loud noise popped up and the man ran back. A message appeared in the small tray. He quickly checked for booby traps with a swiping motion of his hand and snatched the paper. His mission was complete. College Indy cracked a small smile at the plastic box and scooted out the door.
“It’s a hoot isn’t it?” Jim asked as he slapped the palm of his hand down on the top of the partition. “Imagine, some weirdo in a cowboy hat being scared of a fax machine. Hah!”
“Heh, yeah,” he pretended to agree. Tucking the newspaper carefully into his garbage can, he made sure that it didn’t touch anything wet. He planned on studying it more when Jim wasn’t watching.

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