Monday, February 09, 2009

Poetry Submission

Last night I sent in my first poetry submission (ever) to Poetry Magazine. Apparently the thing I did before was a scam...according to one of my professors. Anyway, this time I submitted to a magazine that the professors and students at my school subscribe to. In class my prof said that I should submit my poem as the shortest haiku written. She also said that we should make a list and start with the hardest place and then work our way down. Since I don't think I'm ready for the New Yorker, I submitted to the next one down. I'm supposed to hear in about eight weeks. Unfortunately, they pay $10 a line, but only pay a minimum of $300. Since my poem is only three lines I won't be seeing any moo-la if it gets selected. Bragging rights will suffice. I don't want to get my hopes up though because I know I'm an amateur writer. I'm not expecting much. If anyone is interested in my tiny haiku, please let me know and I can email it out. The submission guidelines specifically said that an entry cannot be published anywhere prior to submission.

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