Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warm weather

Man, today is so warm! A whopping 50 degrees! It's so sad that I say that 50 is warm now, but it's the truth. I wish we could have gotten Emmy home today, but by the time we get her vet appointment for her authorization to fly and back to Davis it'll be cold again. Boo. I can't wait for Spring. By Friday the evenings will be back down to 18 degrees, which is the no pet flying zone for the airlines. I had a dream last night that my family drove her back to see me and boy was she happy to see me. I must have been in Davis or something because it was sunny and warm...definitely not Troy.

Today while I was driving down a tiny little street on my way to work with my window down, I heard reverberations from the car bouncing off of the houses and it startled me. I haven't had my window down in so long I forgot what it sounded like in a car. When I mentioned it to the guys at Celery Neil said "Only you, Allison," and shook his head. Hah! I guess things like that really do only happen to me.

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