Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doozer update

When we were home last time Emmy had been nibbling at a little spot by her rump. At first we thought that she had hurt herself while practicing her racing skills my backyard, but then Julie's vet said that he thought it was a reaction from her rabbies vaccination. The vet gave her some antibiotics and sent her on her way. We were hoping that the little furless patch would start growing fur again once we got back. It hasn't grown back yet and has been scabbing up on and off. I wasn't sure where the moisture for the scab was coming from since there was no wound or anything. Our vet thinks that moisture from her body is just seeping out of her skin, which is kind of gross. When we see her licking, we try to get her not to fuss with it, but since we aren't home for a good chunk of time during the day, we don't always catch her. I've been wanting to get her groomed and have the underfur trimmed since it's getting warmer, but I wanted to have her hole checked out first. I don't trust the Banfield vets anymore so I finally made an appointment at the place Neil takes Josie the Celery dog. Note: I always say "Josie the Celery dog" because I don't want any confusion with Josie my human cousin...not that there really could be any if you read the names and events in context.

We went this morning and our new vet said that the hole looks benign and the skin doesn't look like it's too damaged so the fur should grow back. He took a little sample of the crusty skin around the hole and found that there was some Staph, but no infection. I told him that when we were home that Julie's vet gave her some antibiotics. I didn't bring in all that paperwork, though I guess I should have, but he said that he was pretty sure which med she was given since it's pretty common. He gave us a new antibiotic that is a little stronger and may take a few weeks longer to get rid of the bacteria. He also gave us an ointment to put on her hole so that it doesn't irritate her as much. We will start this regiment tonight with her dinner.

Another reason we made the appointment was because the Concord Banfield doctor gave Emmy a bunch of Heartworm medicine, which my mom paid and arm and leg for. Since he was a total goober, I wanted a second opinion. I've read and heard that if you give your dog the wrong type of Heartworm meds it can kill them. I guess it's a reaction to the medicine or something. We would be devistated if something happend to our little girl. This vet said that it should be okay. I just wanted to make sure that it was safe. Everything checks out so we'll start giving her the meds and start the flea and tick stuff since the last frost is over. However, now I just found this article about the risks of Heartworm medication. We don't appear to be in a high risk area, so I'm going to hold off until we go to the vet again for her two week checkup. Ah, this stuff is complicated. I do have to say that I can only remember getting bitten once while living here...all the other times were in Georgia. Those gosh darn mosquitoes loved me. If we were home or down in Georgia I would definitely give it to her. We'll have to see though.

In case you don't remember Emmy's little fur hole here is a picture:

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The Bowers! said...

I love that you refer to it as "her hole."