Monday, April 06, 2009

Hola from Troy, NY

This week I was completely Ebay happy. I bought three dresses, a pencil skirt, and a pair of jeans for less than $50.00. The actual shipping was much more expensive than the actual articles of clothing. The cheapest dress was only $2.51! I couldn't believe it. I also just got myself an inexpensive sewing machine so if the dresses are long I can take them up. Usually I fit the clothing on the upper regions of my body. It's the length I have worry about.

I also got a dress pattern that I am attempting to make. It is pattern number 2653. For some reason I can't directly link that pattern to the blog. Anyway, so I was trying to start the dress on Friday night. I was concentrating so hard on the directions that Nadeem asked if I needed help. It's supposed to be an easy pattern! I was very confused and trying to figure out what the directions and pattern were trying to tell me. I cut out the body of the dress pattern paper and held it up to myself. It looks like the biggest size is what I want, but I'm confused because I'm not a big person. How are bigger and taller people supposed to make this dress and fit it? It's a junior's size pattern so it's not like I'm making kids clothing here. So I have yet to actually try to make the dress. I'm going to start on a piece of scrap that I have first and make the shirt. At least then I'll have an idea of how to do it and how it will fit. Joann's was having an Easter sale and a nice lady in line gave me a coupon so my fabric was pretty inexpensive. I had printed out a coupon for myself that was 40% off of one item that wasn't a sale item. The nice lady gave me a 20% off my entire purchase including sale items coupon because she had extras and they were going to expire in a day. Joann's must put out a lot of coupons because every person in line had one! I bought two different fabrics each for about $12 for two yards. If I can manage to do this it will be much cheaper than buying dresses.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but during spring break when Edward was gone I would come home from work and Emmy wouldn't be there to greet me until I got into the house. This is unusual. I recently found out why she wasn't there. She sits on the chair by the window and looks out at the people who pass by (barks at them too). We had a swivel chair in the corner because one of the wheels falls off and is kind of dangerous. We put it there to discourage people from sitting on it, but haven't gotten rid of it in case we need extra seating, in which case Edward or I will use it. I replaced that chair with a non-swivel and sturdier chair. She seems to like it just as much, if not more. Before she had to fight to keep her balance when she jumped up to it and off of it. Now she even uses the chair when we're home. It is so cute!

Daddy! You're squishing me!

This is the purple bone that she got when we adopted her. She was playing with it when we were at the farm checking her out. The adoption lady said that she could have it because she had taken a special interest in it. She likes to pull it out every once in a while and go around the house squeaking it.

I made myself a very tasty breakfast burrito. There is salami, mozzarella cheese, scramble eggs and ketchup in there. I just warmed up the tortilla with salami and cheese in the microwave. If you do this, put a paper towel between the plate and tortilla so that the moisture doesn't make the tortilla soggy.

The Easter Bunny came a little early this year. We ended up driving to the 24 hour Walmart last night at midnight to return 007 and get Call of Duty: World at War instead.


Chris said...

¡¡¡Emmy Emmy Emmy Emmy Emmy Emmy Emmy!!!

And James Bond? haha.

The Bowers! said...

Did you change your blog theme/background back to your original?

Abigail said...

Don't worry about the sizes. Pattern sizes are different than store sizes. I'm an 8-10 in stores, but by measurements, on a pattern, I'm a 14. Also, patterns are sold with only a few sizes per sleeve. You might be the largest size in that sleeve, but they'll sell sleeves with larger sizes. As for adjusting patterns to fit you specifically, that's very, very hard. I can't really do it, except taking in side seams or adding gratuitous darts. Easiest way to fit things is to make it out of "disposable" cheap fabric - called a "muslin" because muslin used to be the cheapest fabric readily available. Just recently my mom made a muslin of a blouse pattern for me that turned out so bad it couldn't be fitted at all and she scrapped the idea of using that pattern at all.

Updates on Allison said...

Yeah, I did change it. I was getting tired of the other one and didn't really like the rest of the layouts. Plus when I make too big of a change my family freaks out because they don't know what happened.