Monday, April 13, 2009


Originally I wasn't going to have an Easter dinner because I wasn't sure if I felt like cooking. After I spoke with Julie, it took her about two minutes to convince me to have one. All she had to say was:

Julie: but you and Edward love ham.
Me: I know.
Julie: Hams are on sale.
Me: I know. Okay, I'm having one.

And so there you have it. I was convinced to have an Easter dinner. We had ham (of course), Sheppard's Pie, mashed sweet potatoes, Guinness veggies (that actually weren't that good because I forgot to add salt and pepper), rolls, rosemary and garlic potatoes, ice cream with Abby's hot fudge sauce, a fruit platter that John brought, apple pie (compliments of Scott...he brought the ice cream too), and plenty of beer. It was a great success. We didn't have that much left over, which makes me wonder if people were really as full as they said they were. Oh well, we still had a lot of fun.

Jon giving Emmy her Easter ham bone
I don't think she was actually baring her teeth, but it sure looks like it! I think she was probably chewing or something. I'm glad it's blurry! She looks so scary with the teeth and red eye.

It looks like a field of peas and carrots.
Sheppard's Pie center


This year's Easter eggs turned out pretty well. It took me a long time because I wanted the colors to be dark, so I did things in between sets of eggs. I was quite proud of myself.

Last, but certainly not least, Edward got me something for Easter that isn't related to technology. He had gotten these on his cruise this past Christmas and said that he was waiting to give them to me at a good time. I was in the kitchen preparing for the party and he had me call Emmy. When I did I just said hello to her and turned back to what I was doing. Then I realized that there was something attached to her necklace. He had put the earrings on an index card and rubber banded it to her necklace. I got so excited that I didn't take a picture of my little carrier doggy. I think this is a plot to get me to take out my plugs because these spokes are too short to go through my plugs. Tonight I'm going to try to get them out in the shower. This is a big thing! If Edward gets me jewelry, I'm going to wear it! I tried putting them in next to the plugs, but they just looked silly. So I guess I'm going to have to get these plugs out. Since they're flared, I have to stretch them in the shower first otherwise they won't come out. This is goodbye to my undergrad days I guess and hello to grinning about Edward's thoughtfullness.


Chris said...

I like the green ones the most =-D

The Bowers! said...

1. Your food looks yummy!
2. I LOVE your silly eggs!
3. Whoa...Edward is full of surprises! Those are very pretty.