Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All in the pot chow mein

A week after Thanksgiving I still had some leftovers in my fridge.  My rule is that if it's been in there for a week it either needs to be eaten or it gets thrown out.  Lets be real here.  I'm on a budget so very little actually gets thrown out.  After surveying my sparsely stocked fridge, I managed to pull together a chow mein that Nick really enjoyed.  What is that saying?  Poor as church mice, but happy as clams.

Chinese Gai Lan, garlic, left over broccoli, ham, turkey, and egg.


I first par boiled the Gai Lan and then flash cooked the noodle.  After the water evaporated from my wok, I added EVOO, garlic and egg to scramble.  Then I tossed in the rest with some Oyster sauce and Sesame Oil.  Saute, saute, saute, and done!

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