Saturday, December 23, 2006

The busy life of Allison

Okay so I've been super busy lately as I'm sure most of you are too. However, I will briefly update you on what has been happening. Last weekend I went to go hang out with Juni. I gave her my awesome Christmas present which was a Storybook of us in college. She got so excited that she knocked over her drink. Hopefully I'll get the pictures of that weekend up after the holidays. Then when I came home I got my wisdom teeth out. It was kind of funny because they had to tell me to stop talking so that I could absorb the laughing gas. I guess I was breathing it in through my nose and then it was coming out of my mouth. They didn't knock me out and since the oral surgeon is a family friend he was talking to me like my normal dentist. Later that day Edward came which was exciting since I hadn't seen him since I left NY. We were bummed because the night he came home I was leaving for LA the next morning. Hmm, after that on Wednesday we went to Davis for Julie's holiday party. Thursday I drove home so that I could finish my mom's Christmas present. I won't say what it is until after Christmas. Now for today, I had a get together with Shanna and her family. That was a huge success. After, I drove out to Davis to give Julie and Ed their Christmas presents. I made them a recipe Storybook of their grandma's recipes. I was so excited that I couldn't wait to give it to them. They're going up to Gualala tomorrow and not coming back until after Christmas so I had to get it to them and hour drive both ways to see them open their gifts. I know, I'm a strange one. But the reactions I got were priceless. Tomorrow my mom and I are going to Burke Williams got get massages with all the Chin and Ho girls. It would be cool, but we have to get on BART by 7:45 am. At least the service will be good. Then on Sunday we're having Christmas Eve here and Christmas at my Uncle Tom's. Well, I guess I could tell you the rest of my schedule for the upcoming week, but i think that's unnecessary, though it is very full. Okay, well that's all folks. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs. I'm so tired right now my brain is working like a run-on sentence.

Until we meet again, have a beautiful day.

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