Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pictures galore!

Here are some pictures of the things that have been going the last week or so. Once again, I can't figure out how to rotate my pictures on this thing.

My visit to Riverside

Juni and Ron
Juni and Ron's friend Oren.
Me and Juni

This weekend all we did was eat, drink and sleep...oh and watch Veronica Mars. It was great for a weekend, but I don't think I could live a lifestyle like that. I'd go insane.

Wisdom teeth extraction

Right after I came back from the 951 I got my wisdom teeth out. I don't actually have any pictures of this, but while Christopher was home with me he figured out a way to keep his feet warm. He wasn't to happy about this picture. Lately he's been running away from my camera. Hehe

Our Christmas gift to our Mom

We remade our parents wedding album so that they could enjoy it all over again. Everyone really liked it.

Our family Christmas gift to our grandma

This book was my mom's idea, but it was my job to complete it. Since I was busting my rear with my mom's book, I didn't start this one until the night before we were going to give it to her. I'm glad that she liked it. She looked at it like four times just at our house. That was the best compliment that she could give.

I'll be home for Christmas
Everyone tries to come early so that we can go play in the park and stuff. It took a while to just get off our block, but we had an awesome time anyways. We always's because we're family. We could be plunging toilets and have fun together.

Christopher's sousaphone bell on Justin's head. After playing around with Christopher's instruments everyone realized how hard brass instruments are. Clarinets are much easier in my opinion.
Natalee playing with Edward's kitty. She didn't want to leave him in the room.
Twenty-six people!!! Our family is huge, which makes it so much better.

This was our first Gingerbread decorating Christmas, compliments of Josie and Jenjen. They were really good cookies even without the frosting. Erika enjoyed eating the candy decorations more than the actual decorating.

And of course, our annual ice skating day. Although it was raining, it was tons of fun. The rink was like three inches under water. People were soaked, though our family, being the great skaters that they are, managed not to soak themselves in the pool of ice water. Only Christopher and Uncle Daniel really skated, but we had fun watching.

It was so windy that when Josie was eating her Dan-tat Jenjen was trying to catch the crumbs in her mouth.

Natalee's first time skating. I think that she went once around the rink and then that was it.

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