Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Melanie!

I just wanted to say happy birthday to my good friend Melanie. The big two three this year. We're going to go out on Saturday night to celebrate. I'm not quite sure what's happening yet, but it will be a lot of fun that's for sure.

Tomorrow I have to go the Lafayette Remax to be a receptionist for four hours. I guess they're going out for a Christmas party and need someone to answer phones. I don't mind too much since I'm getting paid to sit there and read Harry Potter Fan Fiction like a big nerd-o. Last week I got like $150 for just sitting there and reading. I don't think that I answered more than fifty phone calls. It's easy work, but so mind numbingly boring that it's hard to do... if that makes any sense at all.

Today I got my Christmas present for Juni in the mail. I'm so excited about it. I'm not going to say what it is incase she decides to read the blog. I've also thought of the best present for Edward and Julie, another of which I'm not willing to disclose on here, but if you want to know feel free to comment and I'll email you personally. It is quite exciting...well for me anyways.

I've also posted some pictures of the Cal tailgate that we had.
We got to the parking lot at 8:30 AM just to start the coals. I was freezing my bunnies off.
Look how awesome these Krisy Kreme donuts are!
Originally Jetson wanted to have F*ck Stanford on the cake, but the bakery wouldn't write that. So next year he said that he'd tell them to write "F Stanford" instead.
Kimi, Christopher and me freezing before we ate.
Our annual Big Game self portrait.

The field from where we were sitting. Our normal seats are at about the 40 yard line, but since Stanford fans were seated there we got pushe over.
I was freezing.
Kimi and Christopher after the game.
The three of us after the game.
I had to put this picture up. I got Honeybear a new jacket because he's been cold here.

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Anonymous said...

fun pix! i wish i could've went to the cal game!