Thursday, December 14, 2006

New rooms... finally!

This is a picture of Bellatrix Lastrange

Here are my two rooms that I did when I was temping. I know, finally! I've just been feeling so lazy lately, but I think that I'm out of the slump now. I had to write a little tonight on the interrogation room so I think that I've gotten out of my anti-writing mood that has inhabited my body the last few weeks. So here they are. Once again, these are in Azkaban so they're a little scary.

Interrogatio Tabulatus: Interogation Floor

Meticulous rows of lifeless vials and syringes sit with wicked intent. The tiny room reeks of stale vomit and bile. Rusted buckets line the walls and a cobwebbed mop leans abandoned in the corner. In the center of the room is a small black wooden stool. When in use, the stool serves as a kneeling block for the unfortunate interrogated. Injected with the near toxic serum, the victim is forced to vomit while kneeling uncomfortably over a rusted bucket. The retching noise reverberates around the small room as the interrogator questions his charge. Facing the corner, the victim cannot see the only exit to the southwest. The smell of despair mingles with the stench of excrement.

Extended Descriptions

Vials Syringes Wicked Intent

Stripped naked, the questioned is forced to kneel on the splintering stool as a vomit educing serum is injected painfully between the second and third vertebrae of the spine. Injected with this clear liquid, the interrogated is forced to vomit until only dry heaves are available. Only the interrogator has the antidote, in which they release little by little on to the floor with every unanswered question.

Stool Kneeling Block

Blacked by fire, the stool looks as though it is about to collapse. Resembling human knees and shins, the roughly carved surface of the stool holds up uncomfortably well for the interrogated. As the victim shivers with a cold sweat, the charred splinters dig viciously into the soft flesh around the kneecap. Stabbing pains shoot through the victim’s legs as the stomach pumps uncontrollably, sending their knees in deeper.

Mop Cobwebbed

Covered with grim, the gray-brown mop is stiff with old vomit. The pungent stench is almost strong enough to emit fine vapors of wretchedness. Green bacterial mold grows at the base of the handle where it meets its cloth counterpart. At the top of the worn handle sits a squished eyeball. Dried streams of blood drip down the graying wood about three inches. It is an ornament of a past victim.


1 11 1 A small spider with thick furry legs crawls over the sharp blue iris of the eyeball.

Vespertilio Turris: Vampire Tower

Small white spikes protrude from grimy cement walls. Shoddy brown plaster looks as though it does nothing to secure the talon-like teeth into place. A multitude of cracks splatter the surface like the slimy wrinkles of an over-used brain. As if adorn with horizontal stalactites, the small white teeth adhere to the wall at random. Ruby coloured stains taint the lower positioned teeth, while the upper most glisten with neglect. At the entrance of this narrow passageway the presence of teeth is sparse, although most are browned with dried blood. Towards the center of the hall the formation is noticeably denser. To an unsuspecting passerby, the hallway appears rather harmless; however, the motionless walls spring to life the moment anything living passes. Trying to escape only leads to more blood sucking punctures as the victim tries in vain to reach the north and southeast exits.

Extended Description

Teeth Ruby

When launched, the teeth wedge into soft flesh and immediately start to feed through the small holes at the ivory tips. The teeth tear away as the victim breaks into a panicked sprint causing the nerves to retract with the elasticity of a rubber band. Frantic hollow sucking sounds are replaced by the gurgling squelch of the teeth settling back into place. A cheap, but effective trick of a clever vampire; bewitching false teeth to do its dirty work.

Well that's all folks. I actually didn't have any extended descriptions or echoes for the interrogation room, but they just seemed to pop up when I was typing in the description. I just kind of pulled out sections of the descriptions and put them into the extended descriptions and then added more to the description. The entire room was based off the of the word "wretch", which I read in Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. The wife was described as a "wretch", which made me think of "retch" and then "retching" and then you can deduce how I got the room from there.

For the vampire room I was listening to the Lion King's Cirle of Life and heard them say "Sapphire sky". The room was inspired by the word sapphire. This is how my thought process went as I was driving home from Thanksgiving dinner at my Uncle Jimmy's: Sapphire=red=blood=vampires. Well, I wrote the room and then thought about it and realized that sapphires are blue. I was disappointed to say the least. So, I used "ruby" instead since they are definitely red. I didn't want the whole room to be scrapped just because my inspiration wasn't really a "true" inspiration. I guess it was an inspiration, but it wasn't right, if you get what I mean.

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed these rooms. I enjoy writing these so much because my usual writing style is so light and fluffy--Princess Diaries style. It's nice to have a darker side of my writing. I guess it makes me feel like a 'round' writer

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