Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ed's early birthday present

Edward has been wanting to make our extra room into a bar/lodge area. We've been dragging our feet since we didn't really know what to do with it. So for his birthday I decided to get him a bar! Well, it's a bar cabinet, but a bar all the same. I was shopping at Goodwill today and then on my way out I saw it there. It's a Target brand cabinet that was originally $200.00. I won't say how much I got it for since it was a present. So after dragging it in the house from the car, I spent almost three hours putting it together. I am very proud of myself since I can't even put together a 3-5 year old Lego set. Christopher can vouch for me on that one. Anyways, so of course I had to fill the bar with something. I got alcohol of course, but I'm very excited about all of my new glasses. (These are for me since Ed doesn't care if he takes shots out of a mug.) I got a 12 piece tumbler set, a 4 piece wine glass set, a 6 piece shot glass set and a cocktail book for all uner $22.00 at TJMaxx! How awesome is that?! And they're cute too. They aren't just your plain jane glasses. Anyways, here are the pictures of Ed's awesome birthday present.

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