Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I went running!

Yahoo! I actually went running today. I'm so proud of myself that I had to tell you all. It's a big accomplishment for me. Anyways, I haven't really felt like writing because this internship takes up all my writing time. Only fourteen more weeks to go! If you want to check out my Dove article that I wrote last night, it's on this website. http://www.wallofdove.com/
This is another one that I wrote. This one wasn't nearly as fun to write as the Dove article, although it does make me want to travel. http://www.sxmcarnival.com/ So far I've hand four article published, which is great. I can only put the website links for you guys for legal purposes. I don't want to get in trouble. By the end of this internship, provided I can stick with it, I can have a great recommendation letter from my editor and can count it as real writing experience. I'm very excited about how this will go. I've gotten into a mode where I write every day now, but the editing is still coming. Hopefully I can keep up with the MUD too. The head of the MUD told me she'd write me a letter of rec too if I wanted. Plus the ones from my professors, man I'll be rolling in letters. Grad school, here I come! *I'm keeping my fingers crossed though. Okay TTFN!

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